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I have to run off to Bio: The Class of Doom, in a few minutes.  I don’t really mind the class that much, but it’s held in the lecture hall with the more comfortable seats, the professor turns half the lights off so you can see the PowerPoint slides, and has a soothing, unobtrusive voice with a somewhat incoherent lecturing style.  None of these things are precisely geared towards keeping my interest, or, indeed, keeping me awake.  Every day I fight the good fight against drowsiness, and pretty much every day I go down to an ignominious defeat.  It’s not that I don’t want to pay attention, I do!  Really!  It’s Plant Biology, which I find endlessly fascinating (see #23 of my 25 Things Meme post).  But the world is conspiring against me.  Sigh.

I should also mention, when speaking of Bio: The Class of Doom, that I did pass The Huge Biology Test of Doom, even if my comprehension of photosynthesis is woefully lacking (I am not a chemist, and never will be).  I didn’t pass with anything like flying colors, but it’s a passing grade.  I’ll take it.  Maybe next time around, when I’m not trying to teach myself half this stuff from scratch, will be better.  Of course, on Monday the professor did happen to mention that the final exam will be comprehensive, so perhaps I’d better look over that photosynthesis stuff again…

Yesterday morning I went down to the Student Health Center and had blood drawn for various tests which will help us discover the state of my cardiovascular system.  I’ll go down again Friday morning to get the results of the tests, and figure out with my Hero Doctor where we’re going to go from here.  Johnsy asked me if I were nervous about this, and… I don’t think so.  It feels more like one more thing to get through, almost as if it’s part of the mourning process.  It also feels like doing something concrete to love my family.  I can’t imagine what it would do to us to have another sibling keel over from heart disease after what happened to Jacob.  So I’ll do my best to make sure that it doesn’t happen to me.  I also have a rather spectacular bruise on the inside of my left elbow where they took the blood which I’d be happy to show off if anyone is interested.

Also, if an interoffice envelope has been so roughly used that it has lost the string with which it should be closed, please just throw it away!  Frankenstein patch-ups with large amounts of scotch tape are messy and annoying.  Just don’t.  Put the thing out of its misery for the greater good of mankind, or at least the lesser annoyance of your friendly neighborhood office minion.  Thank you.

Prof. Peat Quote Book:
“Well, this isn’t like an English paper.  You need really good arguments.”
(Re: Socrates in the Gorgias“And then he takes Polus and wraps an ace bandage around his brain and just tugs.”
Him: “One of them is the Son of God.” Student: “Allegedly.” Him: “Well, when you have that on your CV it changes things.”