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I had a good time this past weekend.  I think I was due. Last week was pretty rough, I think in large part because Thursday was the one month anniversary of Jacob’s death.  By Friday I was really ready for an excuse to think about something else.  And I got it.

Friday the guys from my Catholic Life young adult group cooked a special Valentine’s Day dinner for all the girls.  Not everyone was able to make it, but I think we had ten of us, pretty evenly split guys and girls.  The guys made chicken and rice, an abundant salad (compliments of One and Leif), pasta with vegetables, and cheesecake for dessert.  And then, because he knows I can’t eat stuff with a lot of added sugar, The Pessimist made sugar-free pudding just for me, served up all pretty-like in a blue glass sundae cup with a long-handled spoon.   It was fairly awesome.  After dinner we played Scene-It, guys against girls.  I personally think that pitting the genders against each other is almost always a bad idea, but the guys thought it would be cool, so I didn’t object.  Sadly, I was proven right when some of the guys started getting competitive, and began with the trash talk.  Then they narrowly won the first game, and gloated for ten minutes.  So we played them again, and this time the girls blew the guys out of the water, sending them down to a humiliating defeat.  (But did we gloat?  Oh, no.  We know how to win with dignity.)  It was a very fun night, and the all the guys there (One, Leif, Pessimist, Ali, and Ducky) now have almost unlimited brownie points.  Also, now the girls are going to have to figure out what we’re going to do for the guys in return.  Let the scheming begin!

On Saturday The Boilermakers were playing at Miami University.  Friends have been trying to get me to go down to Miami for their dances for a while, but I just never made it.  But the Boilermakers?  And for free?  Heck, I’m there.  I’m very glad I didn’t miss it.  I had some really fun dances, learned a few cool new moves, and had one, um, memorable dance with the Clogging Lindy Hopper.  (Hint: do not Charleston to a slower, mellow Lindy song. Just don’t.)  Then I drove home, singing the soundtrack from Wicked! at the top of my lungs the whole way.  A very good night.

Sunday was mostly a quiet day at home.  I went to Mass in the morning, and then ran some errands.  Then I came home and cooked.  I like to cook big pots of things ahead so I can grab meals on the run, but I haven’t been able to cook on a large scale in over a month.  This has made life (and my meals) kindof interesting on occasion.  Yesterday I cooked chicken to make a casserole for church (it’s a thing for the St. Vincent’s Hotel – they pass out disposable pans, you fill them with the simple recipe they provide, they collect them again and take them down to St. Vincent’s Hotel to provide dinner one night a month), baked a ham for lunch meat, and cooked a big pot of pinto beans with a ham bone, garlic, and a couple of Arbol chiles.  It was pretty darn good.

Sunday evening was a planning meeting for Theology On Tap.  Usually these are business-like affairs.  You meet, you get stuff done, you go home.  However, we have a new guy, Mick, on the planning team this time around, and he seems to have different ideas.  Last night’s planning meeting involved pizza, beer, a bottle of wine, wide-ranging discussion of many topics having nothing to do with Theology On Tap whatsoever, and watching several episodes of Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law.  We only actually planned TOT for maybe half an hour, so we’re meeting again next Sunday, when we’re also going to watch Bedazzled(apparently this is one of Mick’s favorite movies).  It’s a new way of doing things, but so far I’m enjoying myself a lot.