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I desperately need to be doing Biology right now, so of course I’m blogging.   My rationale is that I’m cooking my brunch right now too (potatoes nuked in the microwave that will be smashed up with butter and possibly plain yogurt), so I’m going to have to get up in a little bit anyway and be all distracted while I eat, so I might as well not bother getting my Bio stuff all set up before I’m really ready to settle in to work.  This may be false logic, but I’ve decided to go with it for the time being anyway.

Also, Johnsy is sitting in her chair across the room from me doing e-mail and things, and asking me random questions, i.e.“Do you know where you can get brown lentils?” and, “Is teamwork the same as collaboration?” So I’m distracted anyway, and I might as well blog.

I am starting to freak out somewhat about how busy my life is at the moment, and how much schoolwork I have to do.  Actually, my life isn’t all that much more busy than it has always been, though I am entering into a crunch time, with a couple of large projects bearing down to the finish line/getting geared up all at once.  Under normal circumstances, things would be a little stressful, but really just about how I like it.  Unfortunately, I am not my normal self these days, and probably will not be for a while.  I get worn out so quickly anymore.  Yesterday was a very full day, what would have been fairly normal for me a year or six months ago.  I had meetings, coffee with a friend, lots of driving, doing homework in between, and a swing dance at the end.  By the end of the night, I was so tired that I was starting to phase out when people were talking to me.  I’d get lost in my own thoughts somewhere, then realize that the person in front of me was still talking, and I had no idea what they’d just said.  It wasn’t that I didn’t care.  I really wanted to pay attention to what the person was saying.  I was just too tired.

The other part is the homework.  Starting the semester two and a half weeks late is kicking my butt.  Some of my classes aren’t too bad.  In my Pentateuch class, the other students were just about to take their first test when I joined them.  The Professor said that rather than frantically try to catch up we would just draw a line for me after this first test, and that would be where I would start.  The other two classes haven’t had anything major that I had to catch up in, but the one that’s giving me cold sweats is Biology.  I have to make everything up in that class because if I don’t understand the beginning, foundational stuff I’ll be more and  more lost the further we go.  So I’m basically trying to teach myself the first four to six chapters they covered, and get it all in my head in a coherent fashion before Wednesday.

Yup, it’s panic time.

In other news, Sensei & Swing Mama were delivered of their First Born Son this morning, a beautiful baby boy.  This means now I really have to finish the baby blanket I’ve been knitting for them.  Good thing I only have a few inches to go.

Prof. Peat Quote Book:
Him: “I don’t have the text book memorized yet.” Student:“Why not?” Him: “Lazy, I guess.”
“If we put people in prison for being annoying, then besides me sharing a cell with
Gallagher, the prison population would soar.”