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Have I mentioned how much I utterly adore thrift stores?  I think I have, but it’s the kind of thing you can’t mention too often.  Part of the reason why I love thrift stores is because I also love cashmere.  It combines all the goodness of so-soft-you-want-to-bathe-in-it with keeps-you-warm, all in one lovely knit package, sometimes with the added bonus of gorgeous, cheer-me-up colors.  It’s difficult for a fiber to top that.  Unfortunately, all this goodness also means that cashmere, good cashmere, would normally be priced far out of my budget.  This is where thrift stores come in.  See, there are some people who do not appreciate their cashmere.  We call them stupid people, but we forgive them because they are somehow smart enough to donate their sweaters to charitable organizations.  Eventually they end up in thrift stores, where I can purchase them for less than $5, right about what I can afford.  And God said that it was good.

However, in the world of cashmere, there’s even more.  There’s single-ply cashmere, the usual stuff you see in sweaters and scarves and what-have-you, and it’s plenty lovely enough as it is.  But God loves us abundantly, and shows his love through an abundance of goodness (it’s true), and so we also have (wait for it) double-ply cashmere.  And friends, if you thought regular cashmere sweaters were nice, this is like nice².  You have all the regular softness of cashmere, but now it’s soft and thick, with a lusciousness that makes you want to sink into it and never come out.  I had read about this before, but never really believed it could be true.  And then one day I found myself buying my first double-ply cashmere sweater (from a thrift store, of course).  It was a total revelation.  I hadn’t known luxurious softness like this was really possible.  When Johnsy gave me a hug she wouldn’t let go of me.  It was that soft and thick and, yeah, I’ve got to come up with some more adjectives.  Regardless, it was wonderful.

This weekend I hit the thrift store looking for jeans.  I only have a couple of pairs, which was fine while I was working full time, but attending classes requires a somewhat different wardrobe.  I found the jeans I needed, and then, just for kicks and giggles, took a stroll down the sweater aisle.  And there it was, $3.99, the delft blue, double ply cashmere sweater of my dreams, just sitting there waiting for me to fall in love.  And so I did.  I’m wearing it right now, on this bitterly cold day, feeling the warmth across my arms and shoulders.  I keep reaching up and putting my hand on my shoulder, or on my arm, just to feel how gorgeously soft it is.  It’s a wonderful thing.

I’m grateful for things like this these days.  This week has been particularly rough.  I don’t know if I tired myself out too much this past weekend (although having some friends over for the Superbowl was very fun), or if it’s that cold which still hasn’t let me go, or what.  Not that I really need an excuse.  Monday was three weeks since Jacob died, and I found myself riding the edge of tears all day.  Yesterday was better, though not much.  I know that these days will come, and eventually they’ll go.  I just have to be patient and ride it out.

Prof. Peat Quote Book:
“Has anyone actually read that?  So I can just make stuff up.  They all had a big party and went roller-blading nekkid.”
“I disagree with both your premises and conclusions, but that doesn’t mean you should stop talking.”

(Re: poets in Ancient Greece) “They would be the entertainment at parties.  They would come in and recite a chunk of the Iliad or the Odyssey – probably not the Catalog of Ships, nobody can dance to that.”