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I want a snow day tomorrow really, really bad.  When I was talking to Johnsy earlier she said something about how I’ve been running nonstop since Jacob went into the hospital.  It’s pretty much true.  It’s like things have been on fast forward.  It’s been a little bit of a struggle finding time to do laundry.  And then there’s so much catch up homework to do, on top of everything I still have to do to work out the details of being back in school, and trying to work as many hours as I can so I can pay my bills, and then everything else.  I want a snow day to wash clothes and cook food to stick in the fridge and do Bio homework.  I want a snow day to sit in my comfy corner for a little bit and look out my window at the snow on the tree branches outside.  I want a snow day to clean the kitchen and put away the yarn and knitting supplies that have been sitting out since I was rushing around trying to find the right knitting project to take with me to the hospital.  I want a snow day because I want a snow day.  Sigh.  Let’s hope we all get one.

Things have been busy, but they’ve been good too.  I’ve been having a lot of adventures.  One has been learning how to drive stick shift.  Since my car has been doing its best to commit Death By Transmission Leak, the family said that I should drive Jacob’s car until I can figure out whether my car is repairable.  The only problem was that it’s a stick shift, and I never learned how to drive stick.  I never really wanted to.  I’ve had various opportunities over the years, but I always resisted.  But, well, you do what you gotta do.  A week ago Sunday my little brother The Absentminded Prof met me out in Yellow Springs where I had been at brunch with the Duchess and some friends, and taught me how to drive stick.  I’d like to think that I picked it up pretty quickly, but I had a really good teacher.  He was so calm and unflappable no matter how many times I stalled, and kept telling me that I was “doing beautifully.”

Since then, every time I drive somewhere is an adventure.  The car is not just a stick shift, but a cranky stick shift.  The first week my hand was sore where I had to push on the gearshift.  It also doesn’t have power steering, which has taken some getting used to.  I’m still discovering sore muscles in my arms and shoulders from muscling that thing around.  I’m starting to get better.  The first week I think I nearly gave myself whiplash from my jerky starts & gear shifts, but now things are starting to get smoother.  Starting from an uphill stop doesn’t intimidate me nearly so much.  I’m even starting to get the hang of parallel parking, though I’m not going to say how many times I stall.  For all its quirks, I think I like this car.  It’s cute and little, a zippy silver thing.  Also, the transmission doesn’t leak.

I like my classes too.  There’s Plant Biology, Ethics, Pentateuch, and Classical Greek Philosophy, which leads me to this:

Prof. Peat Quote Book: Triumphal Return Edition
“This is the amount of chalk I get for one hour, fifteen minutes, so I better use it wisely!”
“I’m actually going by first names in this class, not that I know them, but I make them up.”
“My 20th century [philosophy] class is tortured by logic, which I know sounds like an album by The Fall or something.”
“If you got into an argument with your parents, and they said the physical world doesn’t exist, which would be a very strange set of parents, is there any argument you could make that it does?”
“Dr. Pepper has many magical properties, much like Santa Claus.”

(Re: Parmenides“If this stuff isn’t clear, well, it hasn’t been clear for about 2,500 years.”