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Right now Indy is showing a disc of old home movies my aunt put together for us.  We are all watching them and laughing hysterically.  It seems that I was very fond of short shorts when I was 7.  There is a pink, terrycloth jumpsuit that I remember thinking was extremely chic.  Worn with white knee socks.  Pulled all the way up.  Yeah.  All of us were also excessively cute kids.  AnniPotts in particular was adorable – a tiny little toddling thing with a head of white dandelion fluff.  And Jacob was awesome.

It’s so good to be all together at this time.  It seems like in crisis the three things we want are 1 – our family around us, 2 – our cell phones (mine has been barely ever out of my hand these last days), and 3 – internet access.  My parents don’t have internet at our house, but my sister brought her wireless here so that we could all be together and still do the things we need to do.  I, in particular, am supposed to be doing the program for the funeral tomorrow.  However, I am procrastinating.  Hence, the blog post you are now reading.

I do have a useful reason for this.  There have been so many people who want so much to help us right now, and we don’t always know what to tell them.  We appreciate their willingness so much, but it’s difficult to think of things on the spot. I told my family that I would put this list of things that would be helpful here, since so many people have been coming here for information.  So these are some things that people could do that would be very helpful:

  • Food is always good.  My parents have been saying that they feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of things people have been bringing over, but the truth is that nearly everything has been getting eaten.  Most of us have been gathering together for at least dinner, so having things we can put on the table without having to worry about preparing it ourselves is such a blessing.
  • There will be some opportunities to help tomorrow, from giving rides home to family friends who don’t have their own transportation, to helping move things from the church to the room where the reception would be.  If you’re interested in giving rides, talk to my Mom tomorrow and she’ll get you set up.  If you’re available to help move things, talk to me.
  • There have been some extra expenses in this time that will be hard on various family members – emergency travel home, especially so soon after coming home for Christmas, missing work hours, the cost of traveling back and forth to Cincinnati, etc.  If you are interested in helping ease some of the financial impact of this, please talk to my Dad.
  • We have asked that, in lieu of flowers, donations toElizabeth’s New Life Center or One More Soul would be greatly appreciated.  Jacob was also deeply interested in helping those who struggle with addiction.  While we don’t have a specific organization in mind, if you would like to make a donation in Jacob’s honor to a group that helps those struggling with addictions, that would also be greatly appreciated.

I have to say that one of the greatest comforts in this time has been experiencing in a very real way just how deeply we (me, my family, Jacob) are loved by so many, many people.  It is awesome, and amazing, and helps so much.  Thank you to everyone who has done so much to show us your love.  It means so much to us.