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Jacob’s funeral plans have been finalized.  His visitation will be at Corpus Christi Catholic Church (527 Forest Avenue, Dayton – 45405 http://www.corpusdayton.4lpi.com/) on Thursday, January 15 from 12-4pm.  His funeral Mass will be immediately following at 4pm.  Because this is taking place so late in the day, the graveside service will take place the next day.  We would like to invite anyone who would like to join us for a reception at the Corpus Christi Rec Center immediately following the funeral.

Thank you again to all of you.  This has been a very trying time, but a very blessed time because of the ways that we have been able to feel the deep love of our community.

One additional thing that is bringing me a lot of comfort right now – this morning I got an e-mail from a friend, who said that one of his co-workers was leaving to be with his mother, who was being prepped this morning for a badly needed kidney transplant at University hospital in Cincinnati.  There is no way to know for sure, but I feel in my heart that one of Jacob’s gifts is already being received.  Last night I was one of the ones who waited with him until the very last moment possible, walking with him even to the elevator doors as they took him down for the surgery that would retrieve his organs (and “retrieve” is so much nicer than “harvest” – you should have seen us yesterday when we were talking about this – every time Mom said the word “harvest” you could see people shiver).  The Duchess was there too, and Indy, AnniPotts, Sae, and the Absent-minded Prof, who had just gotten back to Dayton with Jacob’s car, and turned right around and drove back when we were told that the surgery would be happening earlier than we had thought.  It was a comfort to be able to hold Jacob’s hand up until the last minute, and to be able to hold on to my siblings and have them hold on to me as we all wept and talked and remembered all the many, many ways we have enjoyed having Jacob as our brother.

I think I may have used more tissues over the last four days (oh, God – has it really only been that long) than I have used over an entire lifetime of allergies so far!