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I just talked to Mom.  Jacob bottomed out twice this morning, once about 9am, and again about 9:30.  They were able to get him back up and running both times, but this not good.  Also, so far the neurologists haven’t been able to get any reflex responses.  This doesn’t mean that they might not still get them, and they’re going to keep trying.  But again, this is not good.  It’s definitely not the good news we were hoping for!

Right now Mom is still with him (she stayed the night last night), and I know Mariah and Indy are there too.  I’m not sure if Sae is, but I know that if she isn’t she will be soon.  As soon as Dad and Rosie get back from Mass they’re going to get Boy-O, and then come get me and we’ll all go down.  We’ve called AnniPotts and The Duchess and The Absent Minded Prof. and told them to get home as soon as they can.  We don’t know if Big Brother will be able to get back from Korea or not.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Please keep praying!