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Welcome to 2009, friends!  I have a feeling that this is going to be quite a year, and hopefully in a good way.  I mean the last couple of years have been action packed and eventful, but the events have leaned heavily towards the character-growth-inducing sort, not the giddy, best-days-of-your-life kind.  But who knows?  This could be a year of marvels and miracles.  If the past few weeks are any indicator, it’s definitely going to be interesting.

One of the interesting things is that last Tuesday I interviewed for another job.  This would be hopefully in addition to my current job, which is now only part time.  The interview seemed to go really well.  I felt like they liked me, and I impressed them.  When I went back to my current job Boss1 and the Division Head both wrote me letters of recommendation which could be safely summarized as, “Dear Madam, This is Bernadette.  The sun shines out of her butt.  No, really, it does.  The end.” I know that the people I interviewed with have been calling and checking my reference, but they said they wouldn’t be able to let me know until later this week.  So I’m still waiting, and perhaps tomorrow or the next day I’ll find out whether or not I got the job.  I hope I do.  I really liked them too, plus I’d be working enough hours to get benefits like health insurance and paid vacation.  That would be truly lovely.

On the not so lovely side, last Friday my car decided to try to commit suicide.  It’s been developing a nice little transmission fluid habit for a while now (it’s not really a problem – my car says it can quit any time it likes), but it was mostly manageable.  I knew that I needed to get it looked at, but the difficulty was that I could afford the parts or the labor to install the parts, but not both.  In the meantime, the car was slowly increasing its transmission fluid intake.  And then on Friday suddenly the car went from leaking fluid to hemorrhaging almost as fast as I could pour the stuff in.  It was pretty scary.  I got it grudgingly working again, but it’s drinking transmission fluid like a fish.  I can’t support its habit anymore, but I’m torn between trying to get it repaired (and again with the being able to pay for either parts or labor but not both) or applying a Band-Aid (which would work for a little while, but when it stops working the car will be finished) to buy myself enough time to scrape together enough to buy another car.  I just don’t know what’s best here, and in the meantime things can only get worse.  So if you know about cars, or can give me sage advice on this matter, let me know.

One very nice thing is that a few days ago I got a lovely package in the mail containing a skein of the softest, most gorgeous alpaca yarn ever.  I’d been coveting this yarn for months.  I’d seen it on Etsy, and bookmarked it.  I knew I couldn’t even think of spending $30 on one skein of yarn, but I wanted it awful bad.  Every once in a while I would go back to the listing just to sigh over it a little.  And then a bit before Christmas I got the oddest thing in the mail.  It was a piece of paper all folded up and turned into a mailer.  Inside was $90 and a note stating that this money was for me to distribute as follows: give $30 to someone else, use $30 to buy “that fabulous yarn,” and use $30 for something else for myself.  It was signed with a little picture of an angel, which was also the return address on the envelope.  The note was decorated with pictures of swing dancing couples, and was postmarked Oklahoma City.

I have to admit that I was completely flabbergasted.  Who could have done this lovely thing for me?  I spent a whole evening spinning possibilities over in my mind.  It had to be someone who knew me well enough to know both how much I love dancing and knitting, someone who knows me well enough to use my nickname, who would be able to find my home address (and, yes, I know that it probably wouldn’t be that hard to get that online, but I don’t want to think about how freaky that would be), someone who knew that I’d been yearning for some yarn that cost $30, and then someone generous enough that they would do something like this.  Plus… Oklahoma City?  For a little while I thought it must be a woman, because most guys wouldn’t use the word “fabulous,” but then Johnsy pointed out that it might have been a quote from me (I don’t use the word “fabulous” all that much either, but when you’re enthusing about yarn who knows what words might come out).  And then I had babbled a little about yarn in front of my Catholic young adult group a few weeks before.  But still, I have absolutely no clue who I should thank for this awesomeness.

For a brief moment the budget-conscious part of my brain almost talked me into being “sensible” and using the money to ease the strain on my tight budget a little.  But I couldn’t do that, couldn’t use such a wonderful gift in any other way than the giver intended it.  So I gave $30 to Johnsy (the other person I know who is about as poor as I am), and the next day went online and ordered the yarn.  A few days ago it arrived, and it is every bit as soft and lusciously gorgeous (and, yes, fabulous) as I had dreamed it would be.  Every once in a while I have to take it out of its wrapping and pet it – it’s just so wonderfully soft.  I’ve been browsing patterns, thinking of what I could knit out of it that would be worthy of its lush beauty.  So far I think I might use a little of it for these handwarmers.  Other than that… I haven’t decided yet.

So if you’re my mysterious Yarn Angel, thank you very, very much.  The yarn is gorgeous.  Your gift made me so happy.  Thank you.