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So I think next year I might cool it with the Disney princess stuff.  See, every year on my Christmas list I include an item that says something like, “Silly Disney princess stuff, esp. Snow White.”  This is primarily for the benefit of family members who are looking for both inexpensive and easy to find presents (like, you know, my baby brothers).  Plus, people really enjoy giving me ridiculous stuff, and sometimes I even keep it.  There was the miniature tea set two years ago, and a Snow White china doll from BMIWW a year before that.  For the most part it works pretty well, producing not so much Princess stuff that I feel like I’m in a special branch of the Disney store, but enough to be silly.  But something changed this year.  I’m not sure what happened, whether all my aunts and uncles coordinated their shopping or what, but so far this Christmas I have received:

  • Disney princess playing cards.
  • Snow White ankle socks – 2 pairs
  • Snow White wall stickers – large
  • Disney Princess room border strips
  • Disney Princess write on/wipe off place mats
  • Disney Princess plastic toiletries case
  • Two Snow White Pez dispensers, with extra Pez
  • Disney Princess velvet coloring sheets – 2 sets
  • Sleeping Beauty wall poster
  • All the Disney Princesses wall poster

Though I do appreciate the care assembling, wrapping, and presenting this much Princess stuff represents, I have to say that so much pink all in one place is a little, um, intimidating.  Also, while I put the playing cards with the board games for use at parties, the rest of it went immediately into a bag to be taken to Goodwill.  Sigh.  Thankfully I also got several other wonderful presents, including an ice cream maker (yes!), drinking glasses with a B and bee on them, beautiful velvety-purple handspun wool yarn, and a sterling silver antique hat pin that had belonged to my grandmother.  I should mention that this hat pin is pretty awesome, being both long and very sharp.  I discovered this to my chagrin when I was carrying my bags of loot into the house last night.  Somehow the tip managed to poke through both a gift bag and a larger carry bag at just the right angle to stab me in the thigh.  That thing drew blood!  I’m beginning to suspect that perhaps back in the day men were motivated to treat women respectfully by more than a sense of chivalry.

Beyond the presents, it’s been a good Christmas so far.  I’ve laughed a lot, starting with almost getting smoked out of Church by the incense parked right in front of me at Midnight Mass.  And then there were the marshmallow guns in everyone’s stockings Christmas morning, and my sneezing fits while trying to make the carrots for Christmas dinner.  Today I’m trying to get caught up on some things, and then this evening I’m meeting the sibs for dinner and a movie at the cheapies.  And then we’re plunging into preparations for the Big Family New Years Day Party (I’m making boeuf bourguignonne).  It’s a full life!

Oh, and the extra good news?  I have a job interview on Tuesday!  I’ve been sending out my resume, hoping to find more steady work.  I’ll be interviewing for a part time secretarial job.  It’s not the hours I’d prefer, but it’s something, and the pay is $2 more an hour than I’m making now.  If I get it I can still work part time at my current job and be able to pay my bills.  That’s a good thing!  So wish me luck, and I’ll let you know how it goes.