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So I think I may have found a new kind of crack.  For lunch today I thought I’d try someplace new, a little neighborhood place called Tony’s Italian Sausage.  I’d driven past it a few times, and it looked interesting, but I never had the time to stop.  Today, however, when I thought about the choices waiting for me at home (yeah, I need to go grocery shopping), it seemed like a good idea.  At first glance it seemed pretty cool.  Scrupulously clean, though pretty bare and empty.  I wasn’t sure what to order, so I asked for the Italian Sausage (the thing they name their restaurant after should be good, right?), and on a whim, some onion rings.  I got it to go (I don’t like eating in restaurants by myself), so I ended up spending a few minutes standing at the big counter watching them fix my food.  And that’s when the coolest thing happened: I saw the girl who had taken my order pull a huge onion out of a bin, lay it on the counter, take a big knife and cut it into thick slices.  Right there she peeled the slices, separated out the rings, and took them over to a tub of batter.  And just like that, she made my onion rings from scratch.  I don’t know of anyone who does that anymore – it’s all those pre-made things that people pull out of the freezer and fry up.  It was almost shocking watching someone actually prepare something from scratch.

As soon as my food was done, she packaged it up and I headed out.  In the winter air I could see steam coming out of my carry sack.  It took me just a few minutes to get home, and then I was digging in.  And dang, that food was good.  The sausage was just enough spicy and delicious, and the onion rings… were incredible.  They were so good that I didn’t bother putting ketchup on them, even though I’d gotten it out of the fridge and it was sitting right there on the table. It was more than unnecessary, it would have been a crime to put anything else on those onion rings.  Already I’m thinking about when I can go back and get some more, and maybe try the other things on their menu.  Also, I’ve got to bring some of my friends there.  You can’t keep something like this to yourself!

In other news, last night I got chosen to be the new Servant Leader for my Catholic Life Young Adult group.  The Duchess, who has been the SL for the past year or two, is leaving in January to do an internship at the JPII Institute in Philadelphia.  I’ve been on the Leadership Team for CL for a while now, first as Communications Leader, and then as Social Leader, but I have to say that I think I’m more excited for this job than I’ve been for any of the others I’ve done for them.  Good times ahead!  At least, I hope so.

The other thing I’m excited about these days is that I’m knitting my first ever pair of socks.  It’s funny to be so geeked out about something like this, but I seriously am.  I keep inflicting it on people, too.  I pull out my knitting and say, “Do you know what this is?  It’s the toe of a sock!  I’m knitting a sock!”   (That’s, um, pretty much a direct quote.  No, I’m not kidding.  Yeah.)  The extra cool part is that I’m knitting it out of recycled yarn that used to be an unloved sweater hanging on the thrift store racks.  Now it’s the soft, fuzzy wool I gloat over as I knit it up into my First Ever Sock.  I get extra satisfaction from knowing that I paid $3 for this yarn (a very nice wool/angora blend), rather than the $15-20 plus it would cost if I bought it new.  So much win.