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It was really hard to get up this morning.  I finally got enough blankets on my bed last night, so when I woke up it was so snuggly and warm there.  When I poked my hand outside the covers to hit the snooze on the alarm I drew it back quickly to get it out of the cold.  The lure of ten more minutes became twenty, and then I barely had time to get my shower.  Even standing in the shower, I was still half asleep.  I had been under the water a few minutes when I noticed that the water droplets were hitting my eyes weirdly – splattering on something right in front of me.  That was when I realized that I was still wearing my glasses.


I think Tuesday mornings are going to be like that for a little while.  Mondays are long nights.  First there’s teaching the regular lesson, then DJing for the social dance, then teaching the choreography lesson too.  Plus yesterday I arrived an hour early so I could work with Baby Red, who was teaching with me that night.  These are nights when you drink a 24 oz of caffeine soda and still drop right off to sleep the second your head touches the pillow.  It’s worth it, though.  The team is really doing well.  I enjoy working with them a lot, and every time I end up laughing a lot.  It’s good stuff.

Tonight, I think, is going to be my night off.  I have a meeting from 7-8, but after that I’m going to come home, curl up on the couch, and watch TV while I knit.  The Mentalist will be on, and then I have the taped episodes of Gossip Girl and Heroes from last night.  And then there’s the copy of Amelie, which I was surprised with last week.  It’s a good thing I’ve got lots of things to watch – there’s a lot of knitting to do!  This weekend I’m going to see JohnJohn and his new bride, and I need to take them their wedding presents.  JohnJohn’s scarf has been done for a while, but I only have one of the pair of gloves I’m making for Ivy done.  Plus I had wanted to crochet a decorative cuff onto them too.  So, um, yeah – time to get down to it!

That’s the cool thing I’ve been looking forward to: this weekend is PittStop 8, and I’m going to be there.  Mai, Godiva and I will be heading down together to take in the awesomeness.  This year I’ve promised Godiva that I will try out the Blues Room (and, really, I’ve always loved blues – just I wasn’t always sure I would respect myself in the morning.  But I think I’ve found a way around that.)  I’m going to stay with JohnJohn and Ivy, and dance until I can’t dance anymore.  Several of my Swing Club girls are coming too, and we may or may not coordinate our clothing choices at some point during the weekend (you’ve been warned).  And we might bring someone else along with us too, only he got annoyed that I mentioned this to other people last night, so I won’t say who here.