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So last night for my Swing Club lesson I did a review of Lindy basics, and then taught steals.   This mostly means demonstrating a few, talking a little about the Philosophy of Stealing (it’s all about timing) and then making them practice.  Let me say, I have never seen so many inhibitions dropped all at once!  It was awesome.  I split them up into a couple of groups and watched the mayhem ensue.  The steals were clumsy, but, boy, were they enthusiastic!  I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a lesson in all my life.  After a while we were getting close to finishing time.  I looked over at the Intermediate group (which Bounce teaches) to see if they were close to done.  To my surprise, they were doing steals too!  I thought it was funny that we should both be teaching the same thing when we hadn’t coordinated anything ahead of time.  During announcements I started to tease Bounce about this.  He blushed a little and said, “Um, well, actually you guys were having way more fun than us, so we decided to do the same thing.”

The funny thing was that the stealing didn’t stop with the lesson.  We kicked off the dancing with a big steal jam (Bounce and I started it off, Madame President said, “To celebrate having them as teachers!”), and then the stealing fun continued well into the social dancing.  The girls, especially were having too much fun to stop.  (Bounce: “I’ve danced four songs now with nine different girls!”)

After the social dancing we had our first Smackdown Competition Team practice.  Bounce and I demo’d the choreography, and the team members seemed to really like it.  They laughed at all the right places, and gave us lots of  “Ooooh!” and “Aaaah!” (always gratifying)  It was a lot of fun.  And then we started teaching it.  That was fun too, though in different ways.  Afterwards we did some video taping (I’m both excited to see the movies, because I want to see how this choreography looks from the outside, and scared because it’s been a long time since I was taped dancing), and I hauled myself home, completely exhausted, with a sore back from doing too many frog jumps and sore feet and knees from dancing on carpet, about 11:15.  It was a long night, but very worth it.

In other news, we have one less tree in our back yard.  Johnsy has been wanting to have the pine tree back by the garage taken out for a long time.  It’s too close to the garage, and the roots are growing into the foundation.  She had one friend who promised faithfully to take care of it, and then did nothing.  A little while ago I was talking to Mr. Zoot, who mentioned that he owns his own chainsaw and had been cutting down a tree.  I asked him if he would come cut ours down, and he said that he would.  So Saturday afternoon he and Baby (my long-lost Balboa lead, who started dating a ballroom dancer and went over to the Dark Side) came and took the tree down.  It went much faster than I expected. They took a few branches down first to get them out of the way of power lines, and then the whole tree was on the ground.  Cutting up the branches took longer than actually cutting the tree down.  I helped with that part, smearing myself liberally with pine sap (face, arms, hands…)  Then I fed them: turkey, carrots, green beans, and fresh baked bread.  And then people came over for Movie Night (we watched Stranger Than Fiction, one of my favorite movies ever), and the day was done.