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I am feeling very 1950s today, in my vintage grey wool skirt with the kicky back pleats at the hem (part of one of my Mabel costumes for Engagement) a delft blue cardigan over a white tank top, and silver ballet flats.  I even have pearl earrings in my ears, and my hair in what I think of as the Judy Garland style with hair combs.  This is partly because I’ve been thinking about Engagement a lot lately (I realized that the choreography I’m doing with Bounce could be seen as the same story retold as a dance routine – also we have some new people at CL who are interested in seeing it), and partly because we have Big Meetings going on at work yesterday and today, and I have to look all professional and secretary-like when I go in to make the coffee.  (Yeah, I’ve got a high status job.  Really.)  Not that the engineers I work with are really worthy of the full vintageness, nor do they appreciate it, but it makes me feel a little better about my life to think of my clothing choices as an ironic commentary on sexism in the workplace.  The fact that no one will pick up on this but me also makes it my own private joke on the world.  I adore private jokes.  Also, I look pretty darn cute, and that makes me happy.

Honestly, these days I’ll take my amusement wherever I can get it.  A little while ago I got some Very Bad News about my school funding.  There’s no way to go into the details without sharing way more than I’m comfortable having in the google archives, but long story short, the chances of me going back to school in January are looking, um, slim.  There’s still a chance that a miracle might happen and things will fall into place, but… it really would take a miracle.  Those seem to be in short supply these days.  Still, we’re hoping and praying and Seeing What We Can Do.  I’ll keep you posted.  Until I know more, however, I don’t really want to talk about it.  Just so you know.

The Big Bright Spot in my life these days is definitely my swing kids and the Smackdown choreography I’ve been working on for them.  Bounce and I worked out most of it last Tuesday, and then this week we got together to fill in the blanks.  The moment when we looked at the sheet and realized that we had figured out what we were doing for every eight count was awesome.  (“Gentlemen, we have a song.”)  At swing on Wednesday we showed SD and some of the others what we have.  I enjoyed their reactions a lot.  It helps that I’ve snuck several of my own private jokes into the routine.  Only Mai and Godiva (and maybe anyone who was at NE Girl Jam last Spring) will get them, but it makes me laugh, and smiling like that while you’re dancing is always a good thing.  We’re going to start teaching the choreography Monday.  I can’t wait to see what the kids think of it.

And that’s pretty much my life for the moment.  Tonight Godiva is coming over so we can alter her Smackdown t-shirt (the fit is off, so it doesn’t display her figure to its full advantage), and then tomorrow I think Mr. Zoot is coming over to cut down the pine tree out by the garage (he has his own chainsaw.  I know.  Totally awesome), and then Johnsy and I are having a movie night.  I just sent the invitations out today, so I don’t know how many people will actually be able to come.  It’s been a long time since I had a movie night.  I’m looking forward to it.