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I really don’t like getting sick (though who does?) partly because it takes so long to start picking up all the pieces of your life you dropped when you got sandbagged by whatever that stuff was.  At least this time through I’ve had company.  We think it was started by [Can’t Remember What Nickname I Gave Him], who passed it on to me and possibly Weather Guru, though that actually might have been me, since she was about a day or two behind me in cold-progress.  And then Monday it seems that I passed it on to Madame President, so she’ll be enjoying it for a little while.  Hopefully the cold will stop there.  However it’s also possible that from Madame President it will spread out through the entirety of the student population before possibly breaking back out into the larger community.  Maybe by that point the virus will have mutated into something that not only makes you feel half dead, but really be half dead, thereby bringing about the Coming Zombie Apocalypse.

Or, you know, not.

The really big news this week, aside from feeling like I was about to die for most of the weekend, was the Swing Club tryouts for the Smackdown competition team.  This was a Huge Deal for them.  We had two special UD Editions of practice session before hand, plus more kids coming out on Wednesdays than ever before, just to put that extra polish on their dancing before they had to compete.  I think my swing kids are rather adorable under any circumstances, but seeing them all fussed and stressed about this had me hiding smiles at every turn.  (They’re just so cute!)  I have to admit that I was pretty excited too.  This has been my first time doing choreography, and I couldn’t wait to see how it would look when someone else was dancing it.  And it really was awesome.  Honestly, it was almost as much of a thrill as making Engagement, watching the script I’d labored over go from printed words on a piece of paper to real people really doing the things I’d only seen in my head.  Then on Tuesday I met up with Bounce to do some more choreographing, and, well… this routine is going to be awesome.  Seriously.

Other than that, well, it was a busy weekend despite The Sickness.  On Saturday afternoon I was supposed to go see Dracula down at the Dayton Ballet with Weather Guru, SD, Linus, and a few other people.  My head was buzzing and double doses of decongestants couldn’t stop my nose from running, so I bailed.  Instead I stayed home and got the house ready for the TOT wrap up party.  I had a tentative plan to get things going and then leave the hostess duties to The Duchess while I hid out in my room upstairs, but the party ended up being a smaller, cozier affair than I had expected, so that went by the wayside.  Still, by the time ‘Sup Doc put the OSU game on, I was tired out enough to be happy to knit on the couch until the party was over (I finished my first pair of mittens ever, and boy, are they cute!).  On Sunday I headed out to Yellow Springs for brunch at The Winds with the Duchess, Mariah, Mr. Maker, ‘Sup Doc and Ducky, after which we headed over to The Little Art to watch King of Hearts, part of the Screenpeace Film Festival.  I was supposed to go to Practice Session afterward, but once I got there I discovered that my head was buzzing and I couldn’t stand up for long.  So I conferred with Bounce about what we were teaching for the lesson the next day, tortured a few of the boys a little (I arranged chairs in a rectangle, and made them Lindy within it without running themselves or their partner into the chairs), and then headed home to rest a little bit before going off to a dinner meeting for the CL Leadership Team.

That was probably the best part of my day.  I think the small nap I’d grabbed while I was home helped a lot.  And it was just fun.  I really enjoy the mix of people we have on our team at the moment.  The conversation ranged all the way from the plot patheticness of the three Star Wars “prequels” to whether or not you get kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve to deciding whether we should change the name of That Guy’s position from Service Leader to Action Man or perhaps Love Leader (you have to channel a little Barry White when you say that last one).  And then I ended up doing dishes with That Guy and singing God Blessed Texas.  He may know all the verses, but I do a killer impression of the Little Texas lead singer on the refrain.  Just sayin’.

This weekend is likely to be pretty busy too.  There’s Diva’s party tonight, and the Dayton Monthly dance on Saturday, plus possibly painting shelves in the garage and the usual practice session on Sunday.  Weekends are always gone before I know it.  Sigh.