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My friends, it has now officially become Freaking Cold.  And yes, I know that come January I’ll think that this is relatively warm, but today… no.  Today it is Cold.  I had started to break out the warmies a little bit ago – digging through my basket of scarves, hats, gloves in search of appropriately cute warmth to add to my outfits – and wearing footless tights underneath my skirts.  Last weekend I even brought out one of my cashmere sweaters ($3 at the thrift store!  THREE DOLLARS!)  to wear over my t-shirt instead of a jacket.  But today was the first time I donned full Cold Weather Gear.  This morning when I left the house I was wearing knit leggings under a long, heavy skirt, topped with a t-shirt and my cashmere turtleneck (another thrift store find – did I mention that I love thrift stores?), my leather jacket, and my own knit gloves (making their debut appearance).  And I was still cold.  Sigh.

However, I have great hopes for more warmth to come.  I already have an excessively cute neck warmer to try out, and then there’s the sweater I knit this summer, which is just waiting for me to weave in the yarn ends to be done.  And then, once I get done knitting my Christmas presents (which might actually happen by Christmas – shocking, I know) I can start knitting Warm Things for myself!  The other day I saw a pattern for “Nether Garments,” knit tights which some knitters have customized in the most amazing ways.  I want some tights like that awful bad, and I think I’ll get them.  Plus there’s this sweater which I’ve been coveting heavily since I first saw it.  When I priced the amount of yarn I’d need for it, especially if I use the recommended Baby Alpaca, the total was so intimidating I almost gave up hope.  However, I’ve started unravelling thrift store sweaters for their yarn, (I think I mentioned that love of thrift stores… yeah) and I think I might be able to gather enough yarn to knit the sweater, especially if I do the sleeves in a different color.

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.

That is all.