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I’m starting to figure out what I want for Christmas.  I always go through this phase where I just don’t want anything all that much.  Then I think of one thing I’d like to have, which leads to another, and pretty soon I have a full list after all.  Plus there’s the stuff I can be given over and over, and it’s awesome every time, like a swarm of bees, rabbit, or flock of geese from Heifer International.  So far I’ve gotten that two Christmas’s in a row.  Every time I’m so happy I start crying.  Really.  I look down at the certificate in my hands, and it just gets me that somewhere in this world there’s a family that now has a chance at a better life because I could give them something.  And it’s not even me doing the giving, it’s really the person who loves me who gave it, which is even better.  Now there are two of us who know we’ve done something good, the gifter who had the actual monetary resources to give the gift, and myself who wants to give, but doesn’t have the money.  It’s like one big circle of grace, and it makes me so happy I tear up.

Also, I’m a sap.  But you like me anyway.

In other news, I’ve figured out what I’m going to be for Halloween.  I’m going to be Old.  I’ll dress up like a cute, livin’ in the 50’s Granny, with my glasses pushed down over my nose, a crinoline under my skirt to make it poofy, a cardigan fastened over my shoulders with a sweater clasp, my hair sprayed gray and up in a messy bun, and my knitting in my hands.  I may even put some pictures of my family in one of those accordion photo-holders and force everyone to look at pictures of my “grandkids.”  It should be awesome.

In other, other news, I had a really good weekend.  The highlight was probably That Guy’s birthday bash on Friday.  I had been a little nervous about this party.  The few times I’ve been to parties where I only really know the guest of honor have not always been such great experiences.  But I was surprised how many of his friends I knew after all, and also enjoyed getting to know the ones who were new to me.  We had dinner at a friend’s house, and then ended up with a bonfire.  It’s been a while since I had a really good bonfire.  This one was excellent, with good beer (some of it homemade – excellent stuff) and stories and putting people on the Hot Seat and asking impertinent questions.  So much fun.

On Saturday Mai, Godiva, and I headed up to Columbus for their monthly dance, the first time we’ve road tripped together since NE Girl Jam (Road Trip!).  It’s been way too long since we three were in a car together for a significant period of time.  Fortunately we’ll get to do it again in November when we all head off to Pittsburgh for PittStop.  But after that I think we’re going to have to start scheduling special Road Trips just to get make sure we get enough time in.  I had a good time at the dance too, though I wasn’t as proactive about getting my dances as usual.  I had several very, very fun dances, including one of the spinny-est dances I’ve ever had.  This guy was leading double spins and triple spins like his arms were going to fall off if he didn’t make his spin quota.  About halfway through I thought, “Wow.  I really must have improved.  A year ago I would have fallen over by now.”

Sunday I mostly napped, trying to recover from two late nights in a row.  We had Practice Session in the afternoon, a Very Special Swing Club Edition.  I spent most of my time showing baby follows the basics of frame, and didn’t get to work that much on my own stuff.  I muddled through the small part I know of the Skye & Frida routine we’ve been working on, and towards the end I made Long John Bal with me.  Then we all headed over to Tank’s, and the day was pretty much done.

Good times.