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The tension at work is especially thick today.  It’s been like this for a while.  Boss2 got asked to do something she doesn’t want to do.  It’s not a very pleasant work assignment, but the request is reasonable.  However, she’s been resisting the request every way she can think of.  She’s done everything short of throwing herself on the ground and drumming her heels like a toddler.  She just doesn’t want to do it, and day by day it looks more likely that she will quit/get fired over this.  There have been lots of meetings behind closed doors, people coming to lean on my counter and give me their version of the lowdown when others are out of the office, tense faces, and the kind of steely silence that means people are loudly refusing to say the things they really want to say.  I smile politely at everyone and do my best not to comment, not to say anything, to stay as far out of this as I can.  Still, this is starting to make my stomach hurt.  There were some more Big Meetings this morning.  I haven’t heard the outcome.  I know this too will pass.  I just have to keep my head down and get to the other side.  It doesn’t mean I have to like it.

It doesn’t help that today is a gorgeous day, the kind that should be spent outdoors, not cooped up in an office with no windows you can see out of.  I’d rather be home raking the leaves, or even cleaning out the garage.  I could bring my laptop and speakers out there with me, leave the big door open to catch the breeze and crank my tunes while I worked.  I could get things squared away, and maybe finally get to painting those shelves that my Guru gave me.  It would be awesome.  Instead I’m here, and in a little while I’m going to have to do filing.  I hate filing.

I had a good weekend though, a quiet one.  I’ve been due for one of those for a while.  Johnsy was out of town visiting her brothers, so I was by myself.  On Friday I went down to Cincinnati for a thing with the Duchess.  Saturday I did errands, including desperately needed grocery shopping, a stop at the thrift store for new jeans, and getting a new tea kettle from Target.  Then I spent a quiet evening at home unraveling thrift store sweaters for their yarn (where else can you get a whole sweater’s worth of wool for $2?) watching mindless TV and talking with the Young Queen (miss you!).  Sunday was busier.  We had the Duchess’s birthday brunch, followed by the Annual Christmas Planning Meeting.  When I came home from that Johnsy was back from her visit.  We sat on the couch catching each other up on things while I knitted and she took a turn at sweater-unraveling.  It’s oddly satisfying to take a piece of sweater and reduce it to a pile of squiggly yarn, then wind the yarn up into a smooth ball of yarn ready to be knit into something else.  It’s destruction and redemption right there in your lap.

Anyway, I’m still here at work.  Boss2 has gone to lunch, so the office is quiet, the good kind of quiet.  I opened the windows so I can at least feel a little breeze and hear the birds outside even if I can’t see the sky, and turned on the soothing music station on Pandora.  In a few minutes I’ll take myself to the filing cabinets and start slotting papers away in their designated stations.  Everything will be ok.  And then work will be over and I’ll head home for whatever waits for me there until it’s time to head over to UD for Swing Club.  And despite everything, it will be a good day.