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Ever have one of those moments when you realize how much you’ve changed, how different you are from the person you used to be?  I had one of those last night when I was teaching at UD Swing Club.  Bounce was late, so I was leading the whole group in a Solo Charleston warm up.  I had just taught the basic, which they were doing pretty well, and I added the next level: pulse.  See, Charleston is bouncy.  You pulse on every beat.  If you don’t, it looks lame instead of cool.  So I was trying to get them to bounce.  Behind me in the circle I heard a girl say despairingly, “She’s always so bouncy!” And I thought to myself, “Wow. If you’d seen me when I started…”

Though, speaking of which, I might be showing some of my UD kids videos taken of me dancing back in the day.  We videotaped a few of them a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been showing them their films.  They get so discouraged and downhearted watching themselves.  And it is really hard watching those videos, seeing how far the reality is from what you looked like in your head.  I never like being videotaped, even though I know it does a lot to help me improve.  But I remember what it feels like to watch another dancer and feel like you’ll never, ever be able to do those things.  SD showed a few of the girls some old vids of herself, and it seemed to help a lot, letting them know that she was not always the pristine dancer she is today.  And, well, while I’m far from anything remotely resembling pristine, it might help them if they could see what a spaz I used to be.  Plus, some of my old videos are pretty funny.  There’s the one where I’m dancing with a guy who led me in a reverse spin ending with a dip over his knee (basically I sit down on his knee).  I had never done this move before, never even seen it done.  I followed his lead perfectly and ended up on his knee, but Lord!  My face!  My mouth drops open, and a big, “Bwah!” comes out, followed by wide-open eyes and uncontrollable giggles.  And then I’m giggling the entire rest of the dance.  It’s kindof awesome.  And all caught on tape.

In other news, I had a pretty good (though busy) weekend.  Friday night was Linus’s birthday cookout.  I said I was going to make potato salad (I do this killer German potato salad that people seem to fall in love with), but then I forgot to get the potatoes & other ingredients until I had come home from TOT Thursday night and was starting to get ready for bed.  So I ended up heading out again around midnight (and thank God for 24-hour grocery stores) to pick up supplies.  Some of us had gotten together and decided that we were going to bring Linus the nastiest alcoholic drinks we could find.  At first I was tempted by the four pack of Bud Light & Clamato (with salt and lime!  No.  Really.) at Meijers, but then I thought that I could surely find something better at the corner UDF.  And I was right.  There in the door of the cooler was this: little boxes of vile white wine.  And beneath it, a classic 40 of Miller.  You can’t get better than that.

The rest of the weekend flew by.  I had a housewarming party on Saturday, and had thought of making the Saturday dance too (for once it looked like most of my dancing friends were going), but Johnsy wasn’t feeling well, and then when I got home I realized that I had again forgotten to get potato salad ingredients for the next day.  Sunday was the busiest day of all, with a non-stop packed schedule of Family Brunch, Practice Session, and CL Leadership Team dinner meeting, then Mass after that.

Sometimes I’m glad when Monday comes just so I can get a little rest…