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It was so beautiful driving in to work this morning.  There was a filmy white mist still clinging to the hollows of the grassy hills in Woodlawn.  The sun was coming in at that slant that makes everything golden, like the light at the happy ending of a Hollywood movie.  It was just chilly enough to zip a sweatshirt on over my work clothes, but not so cold that I could feel the chill on my bare legs.  There are still withered leaves on the lawn from The Hurricane, but other than that everything was lush and green.  It was lovely.  And then, as I dropped Johnsy off in front of the library, she said, “Happy 1st Day of Autumn!” and I thought, “Already?”

I think it’s partly an effect of having to sit out this semester, but so far it’s felt sortof like the summer never ended.  I kept doing the things I did all summer: knitting, dancing, planning TOT.  If I had been back in school I would be starting to get behind in my reading about now, starting to do triage on projects according to urgency/proximity of due date, feeling stressed and anxious about how much there was to do and how little I felt I was getting done.  As it is, while I’m still stressed some about work I’m not getting done (like painting the shelves that are languishing in the garage so I can bring them in and put my cookbooks on them, and cleaning out my old car to sell it, and you know, stuff like that), it’s not nearly at the usual school-time level.  Still, I have to keep reminding myself that time is passing, and I need to get on the ball.

There are other signs that the seasons are definitely changing.  Last week Boss1 told me that I needed to start preparing the Christmas Card Lists to be sent to each division for editing before we print the labels and actually send the cards out (hopefully right around Thanksgiving).  She wants to distribute the lists October 1, so this morning I’ve been doing last minute tweaks to the database and printing things so they’ll be ready to send out.  And then there’s the e-mail I got a little while ago from my uber-organized sister Mariah asking for my Christmas Wish List (which will be compiled along with my parents and siblings to make the great Family Wish List).  I don’t really know what I want for Christmas yet, but I’m also starting to think about Christmas presents, specifically making them.  I have the Big Long Scarf I’m making for JohnJohn, and this weekend I started the pretty little red gloves I’m making for his new bride.  (These are actually their belated wedding presents, not Christmas presents, but still.)  And then I think I’m going to make a Tudora neck-warmer for Boss1 and a knitted Paw Cozy for Boss2, so she can keep her hands warm when walking her beloved Golden Lab.  I’m not quite sure what to make for the Big Boss – being a guy, it’s harder to think of appropriate small things I can make – but I think maybe some knitted Christmas ornaments might work.  I’m going to make another Tudora for my Guru, and then there’s 1000 yards of cashmere/silk blend thread I’ve started knitting into a lacey wrap for the Duchess (I drew her name in the Extended Family Gift Exchange this year).

This is going to be a very warm Christmas!