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Many, many, many thanks to everyone who sent me messages, or called me, or came down to the Oregon Express last night to show their love!  It was rather awesome being reassured on so many fronts.  And I really needed it!  I was so anxious beforehand that I couldn’t eat dinner.  But once I got dressed and my makeup on and was really out the door on my way things started to settle down.  I was still jittery with nerves, as if I’d drunk a whole pot of undiluted cold brewed coffee, but it was better.  And, of course, the talk went very well.  People laughed in all the right places, I got good questions for the Q&A session afterwards (meaning, you know, ones I felt like I could answer), and for my thank you present my fellow TOT Leadership Team members presented me with an awesome theology book hand-picked by One instead of the traditional box of Esther Price.  (Of course, it helped that I had delicately pointed out that I don’t eat stuff with added sugar a little while back…)  All in all it was pretty cool.

When it was done I went home and collapsed on the couch, and all the nervous energy drained out of me just like that.  And then remembered that I was supposed to pick up Punch on the way home for a lesson.  Considering that it took me a little while to just work up the energy to reach for my phone on the coffee table to call him, the lesson wasn’t going to happen.  So I called and apologized, and asked if there would be another time.  And bless his little heart, he said he would be free on Sunday and would love to come to Practice Session!  So I get to kill two birds with one stone, and also get dancers who are more expert than me to weigh in on his training.  It will be lovely.  Well, I don’t know if Punch will think it’s lovely, but it sure seems ideal to me!

So now I have this long, lovely weekend ahead of me… and so many options to fill my time!  Sae has invited me to come to her birthday dinner out with friends, so I might head for that, and then there’s the Fall Kickoff Dance at MU to consider (I’ve never gone to dance with those guys, and I really should).  Plus hanging out with my Guru on Saturday, and… I think there’s some other stuff, but I can’t remember what it is.  Oh well.  It’ll come to me sooner or later.  Oh yeah, and I need to get in touch with my feelings regarding the fake bamboo shoots Johnsy has in the living room (she’s rocking the whole modern/Asian-influenced look) so that I can satisfy Mick’s questions next time.  I don’t know what it is about him and bamboo…