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So I’ve been having really heinously bad allergies for a while now.  In order to deal with them I’ve had to resort to taking 12 hour Sudaphed.  This has worked gloriously well, clearing up my sinuses and easing the near-constant asthma.  There’s only one leeetle problem.  I can’t sleep.  I’m tired all day, but when it gets to my actual bed time my eyes just won’t close.  It gets late and later, and still I’m not asleep.  Eventually I do fall asleep, but then I don’t seem to hear my alarm in the morning.  This leads to hasty wardrobe decisions (so far not resulting in anything too fashion-impaired), gulping breakfast as I run out the door, and the leaving of dishes in the sink. I get through the day somehow, maybe taking a short nap when I go home for lunch or when I get off work.  Then it’s night time again and… I can’t sleep.  I’m still not sure what to do about this.  For a while I was trying to skip the second dose of Sudaphed, but the instant return of the allergies + asthma put a stop to that pretty quickly.  Now I’m hoping that maybe tweaking the time when I take my dose will help things.  We’ll see.

In other news, I had a good time last weekend at Swing, IN.  It’s funny – I think this is the first time I’ve gone to a Lindy Exchange and didn’t have a great time.  But it was good.  Things didn’t really get started for me until Saturday night at the latenite, and then I had my best dances of the weekend at the Goodbye Dance Sunday afternoon.  It’s funny – I had danced at the latenite until I was completely worn out.  But I still really wanted a dance with a particular lead, so I hung around, waiting for my chance.  It kept not coming, and I wasn’t getting any more dances.  I kept thinking that I wanted to leave, but I’d wait “just one more song.”  Finally I called my own bluff and started actually preparing to leave.  I needed to make sure that the other girl staying with us at the host home had a ride back.  I got up and headed across the room to talk to her.  Before I’d gotten halfway there, a guy asked me to dance.  We danced, and then I completed my errand.  I got barely five steps away from her heading back before another guy asked me to dance.  As soon as that song was done, another guy was standing at my elbow asking me for the next dance.  When that song was done, it happened again.  Then I was dancing to the last song, and I’d danced four or five songs straight.  It was very nice, but my question is – where were those guys during the forty-five minutes I sat by myself and didn’t dance with anyone?

We had our second night of UD Swing Club (they didn’t meet last week because of Labor Day), and still had a huge crowd of kids.  It’s a little funny teaching with Bounce.  When I first started dancing I took the lessons at Wright State which he taught with Belle.  I remember how much I looked up to her, thinking she was the ideal dancer, etc.  Now here I am in her place.  And that’s just so weird.

On another note, for the lesson on Monday I wore my favorite swing dancing skirt, a trumpet skirt in comfy black cotton knit that flares oh-so-beautifully, but not too high.  At the end of the lesson we demonstrated a little Lindy, which definitely showed off the skirt.  As we were doing announcements afterward, behind me I heard one girl turn to another and say, “Oh my God!  We have to go shopping for some cute skirts!”