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I really have to start watching more cheerful movies. I mean, there I was, bopping along, enjoying the holiday weekend. Went dancing Saturday night (Super Slow Shim Sham to Sugar Sugar for the 2nd time, oh yeah), won Batman decals as a door prize, had a great practice session on Sunday (I still surprise myself by my own semi-competence) followed by dinner at City Barbeque (my favorite), plus low-glycemic ice cream at Graeter’s (can life get better than that?). On top of that, I was being all efficient around the house, finishing up my monthly chores, doing laundry, cleaning my room and things. Plus there was knitting joy: I finished knitting my sweater (and, yes, it is lovely), plus knit a glove and a few more inches on the baby blanket I’m making for Hot Josh and Pixie. And then Monday night Johnsy and I settled in to watch Veronica Mars. That’s kind of Our Thing. We borrowed the first two seasons from One, and have been going through them together. We’re not allowed to watch them separately, and sometimes it’s really hard to find an hour block of time when both of us are home, not busy, not about to fall asleep, and in the mood to watch tv. Sometimes the suspense of waiting to watch the next episode is something awful, especially the last few episodes as they’re starting to build up to the finale. So Monday we decided to watch until we couldn’t watch anymore. Which turned out to be four episodes. And while in general Veronica Mars is a lovely show, full of snarkiness and general fun, it’s also kinda… dark. Four episodes of people having their guts torn out and trampled on (sometimes not metaphorically) got to be a lot. During the last episode we watched I could feel this dark mood descending like a fog. Thankfully it didn’t last too long. When I woke up this morning it was still lingering. As the morning wore on, I found myself with way, way too much time to think about things. That almost never makes me happy. At lunch I was stressed because I had errands to do, and not enough time to do them in. Fortunately I was able to make it home just long enough to eat something and flop down on the couch for about eight minutes. That, plus venting to Johnsy in the car as I gave her a ride to campus, helped make everything (pretty much) all better. So we’re good now. In other news, I think I may have found my dream knitting bag. So… anybody want to get me a really, really awesome Christmas present? I’ve been a good girl, I swear!