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So my prophecy that we would have “a small horde” of students at the first night of UD Swing Club was sort of right.  At least I was on target with the “horde” part.  Small?  Not so much.  Last night Risky Business told me that they had 79 people actually sign in on the sign-in sheet, and probably only about 75% of those there bothered to sign in.  So that means that Bounce and I taught the first lesson to well over 100 people.  Which might explain why I was so drained afterwards…  Let me tell you, trying to get a very large room full of people to do the same thing at the same time to music is, well, pretty bloody miraculous, come to think of it.  Also a lot of fun.  Plus, the students seem to enjoy it.  It helps that both Bounce and I are total hams.  All in all, I think we can put this one down as a blazing success.

The week since then has been pretty busy.  I’ve been working on training myself a teaching partner for this year.  Bounce and I are going to split the group up into two separate classes in a few weeks.  He’ll be teaching with Spirit like he usually does, but I’m going to need someone to at least help me demonstrate the moves.  I sent out a call for help to all the UD boys who were in Swing Club last year and have come back again this year, also letting them know that they couldn’t just show up to help me teach lessons, that we were going to have to put some significant time into training them first.  So far I have two guys omitted to helping, and one is thinking about it.  We’re hoping to be able to set up a rotation so that whoever teaches with me will won’t have to always miss the Swing II lessons.  Last night I had my first training session with Risky Business, and then tomorrow night I’ll get to drill Punch on his Lindy basic.  It’s so surreal for me to be basically giving private lessons.  Shouldn’t it be one of the Really Good Dancers doing this?  But I guess, in this circumstance, that would be me.

Things are also coming down to the wire with Theology On Tap planning.  We still don’t have a full lineup of speakers, and the announcement/invitation letters need to go out this weekend.  Last night we had a fast meeting trying to get a grip on things, and also to come up with titles for the talks.  I’m going to be a speaker this time around, recapping Edmund Paper on modesty and beauty. The challenge is to find a title that doesn’t a) sound like an academic paper, b) sound like one of those self-esteem talks for women (“You’re beautiful!  No, really!”), and c) sounds like something a guy might actually want to hear.  This is harder than it sounds.  I think our best bet so far is: “Short Skirt, Long Jacket: Is this really where love begins?” Unfortunately, this led to more song related topics, notably: “What is Love?: Baby, don’t hurt me.” Also Pookah’s suggestion that I illustrate my talk/make my talk interesting to guys by delivering it naked, clothed only with strategically placed rectangles of black cardboard.  And here I foolishly thought that admitting that I accidentally felt up Weather Guru while dancing with her last week would shock my Catholic friends.  Silly me.

And on that note, I think I’ll stop typing now.