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So it’s possible that Johnsy and I might be getting a new roommate.  This would be a good thing.  We’ve had three rooms standing empty for the longest time.  Plus, I’m tired of being the only one who mows the lawn.  (Though as dry as it’s been, the grass hasn’t really been growing much lately, a circumstance for which I am profoundly grateful.  But I digress.)  She called last night while we were watching Veronica Mars reruns (LOVE that show), and arranged things with Johnsy.  So last night we picked up some stuff, and this morning I cleaned up the kitchen.  We’re not going to make the house company-spotless because, well, she should know who we are and what we’re like to live with.  But I picked some asters from the garden for the dining room table, so I hope she knows we’re excited to meet her.

In other news, the UD Swing Club is back in the game!  Tonight is our first night back.  Bounce and I will be teaching what will probably be a small horde of UD students.  30 or so people have said they plan to come, and we passed out every flyer we had at Up The Orgs.  We attracted a lot of attention dancing out in KU field.  It was fun watching the people walk by turn their heads and not look away, slowing down more and more as they passed.  And then there was the slow motion Shim Sham to Sugar Sugar.  During that we even had people at neighboring tables turning around to watch.  Good times.  Was it worth the migraine headache brought on by dancing under the blazing sun which lasted all weekend?  I don’t know.  But it was still fun.

I’m almost done with my sweater.  Six more rows of edging, weave in the yarn ends, and we’re done.  I’m so excited!