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I’ve been trying to think of a good way to tell you guys about my recent Big, Massive Cross-Country Road Trip.  The problem is that there’s just too much to tell.  I could go through day by day, telling you all about our adventures with blown tires, getting lost on the (unmarked) back roads of the Indian Reservation, how Mom managed to break the towing rig in half, and exactly how much your butt hurts when you’ve been over 2500 miles of not always smooth roads.  I could also tell you about visiting Tree and Ivy and getting to hold their baby while she fell asleep on my chest, driving out across the wide open South Dakota skyline through hailstorms and fields of sunflowers, and introducing Mom and the Absentminded Prof. to the Young Queen’s family.  But that would be, you know, more of a novel than a blog post.  And I have other things I want to talk about. So let us just say that it was, seriously, the road trip of a lifetime, and if you see me you should ask about it.  Also, I miss AnniPotts.

The thing I’m really excited about at the moment is my Big Party of Awesomeness, which I’m planning for Saturday, September 13.  I had a big party last year to celebrate two years of swing dancing, having moved into a cool new place, Weather Guru’s birthday, and also the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary (though I only told my Catholic friends about that part).  It was quite the bash.  I had so much fun that I decided I should do it again this year, especially since there’s even more to celebrate!  I’ve now been dancing three whole years, Johnsy and I are still having a great time living together, Weather Guru will be another year older, and my back yard garden is even more beautiful and suitable for dancing.  So hopefully we will (weather permitting).  Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll have good food, good friends, and good stuff to drink.

Which brings me to…. (drum roll here) … my Third Ever Official Curlygrrl’s Xanga Poll, in which you, my dear friends, get to tell me what to do with my life!  See, last year Baker had the idea that I should have a keg at my party.  I thought that sounded kind of awesome, so I did, trusting my friends to suitably dispose of the contents.  And, well, it was very disappointing.  People barely drank a third of the thing, and I ended up taking an almost full keg back to the beer distributors.  It made me sad.  Also, it was a little embarrassing.  So the question is, should I try getting a keg again?  It was cool to have it the first time, and maybe I could get a smaller one.  But maybe I should just not bother?  Kegs are a little expensive, plus I’ll have to find a guy with some muscle to help me move it again.  I don’t know.  So fill out the poll above, and tell me!