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So I have decided that this will be the entry of Only Cheerful Things.  (I figure maybe this way I can balance out the Bad Whining Karma of my last post…)  The good part is that I actually have some rather lovely, cheerful things to post about, so it won’t be hard. 

First, the Great What Car Are We Taking To SD Crisis has been resolved.  Plan A is to take the Big Family Van, and tow AnniPotts car behind us.  This is possible because AnniPotts’ mechanic said that he could rent her a car-towing rig for $100, much cheaper than the $700 that U-Haul wanted to charge.  That way we can all ride in air-conditioned comfort together (even Mom).  Plan B is for Rosie to fix the AC on my car, in which case we would caravan up with two cars like we had previously planned.  Either way it’s settled, and Mom won’t have to suffer through a trip without AC.  (I’m snarky about this, but really she would be very, very uncomfortable and I do understand why she would be very dismayed at the idea).

Second, I’ve been working on getting rid of my ex-car, Rhonda the Honda.  My first idea was to donate the car to a charity, but seriously, what charity would want this car?  Then I saw flyers up on some of the light posts in the neighborhood saying We Buy Junk Cars.  So I called that number.  The guy who answered said that he would give me $200 for it, and come pick it up whenever I liked.  Then yesterday as I was leaving the house after lunch I ran into my neighbor.  He asked me how I like my new car, and I said that I loved it.  Then he asked me what I was going to do with  my old one.  I told him about the Junk Cars flyer.  He asked me if I would hold off on that, because his brother needs a car, and this might be a good one for him.  I told him everything that was wrong with it, and he still thought it would be a good idea.  He said that his brother could definitely top the bid from the Junk Cars guy, giving me maybe $300 or $400 dollars.  And, shoot, that’s more than I paid for my new car.  Maybe nothing will come of it, but still, the thought makes me cheerful.

Third, I had a really relaxing evening with my Catholic YA group.  We were watching Into Great Silence, a movie about monks who live in the super-strict Carthusian monastery of Grande Chartruse.  It won a boatload of awards when it came out, and now I can see why.  The film doesn’t use any commentary or added soundtrack, just the actual noises their microphones picked up while they were filming.  So you hear the wind rushing and footsteps.  The images are so beautiful and soothing, plus it’s so cool to get a look into the lives of these really extraordinary men who choose to live that life of asceticism and prayer.  We didn’t watch the whole movie (we didn’t have time), but by the time we hit Stop I was so relaxed I felt like I’d just gotten a whole body massage.  Really.  It was that good.

Fourth, I’m going to see Young Queen next week!  Next week! I can’t believe it.  We’re going to stay overnight at her family’s house on our way back from SD, and I can’t wait!  (Yes, I know that so far I’ve ended every single sentence of this paragraph with an exclamation point!)  I’m so excited!  (Ok, I’ll stop using the exclamation points now.)  The extra-exciting part of this is that I’ll finally get to introduce other members of my family to her super-cool family.  I’m looking forward to that.  There’s just so much awesomeness there – I just can’t keep it all to myself anymore.  Plus, when you have two such large, eccentric, hyper-literate, ultra-Catholic families with health-food tendencies, you just know they’re going to have to meet some day.  It looks like that day is next Friday.

Fifth, I finally cast on for the sweater I’ve been dieing to knit for ages.  It’s a Blackberry Shrug, and I’m knitting it with robin’s egg blue yarn (it’s so soft I keep petting my work while I’m doing it).  It will be so cute!  And warm!  And snuggly!  And also a challenge – remember I just learned how to knit less than a month ago.  This is definitely the most complicated thing I’ve ever attempted to make out of yarn.  Good thing I love challenges, especially pretty ones!

Sixth, we’ve been designing t-shirts for the upcoming Dayton Swing Smackdown.  The fun part has been coming up with cool/funny tag lines to go on them.  I’ve come up with some, and other people on the team have come up with some, and between them all it’s really hard to pick.  (Well, actually we have picked, but you’ll have to wait to find out which.)  In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to see what you guys think.  So, follow the link to find the Second Ever Offical Curlygrrl’s Xanga Poll, the opportunity for you, my very dear readers, to tell me what to do with my life!  So go ahead and vote for the slogan(s) you like best!  I’m all excited to see what you think.

And that’s my Cheerful Things for today!  Enjoy!