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It seems like my life is full of planning meetings these days.  Well, actually it’s only been the last two days.  I had the one-two punch of TOT planning on Sunday evening and then Smackdown planning on Monday.  I have now knitted another six inches on the scarf that will be John John’s wedding present, and have acquired a new set of duties.  I need to recruit another committee for the TOT  Leadership Team, and also start registering on swing forums in other cities so I can post Smackdown information when the time comes.  I’m a little anxious about how I’m going to juggle both of these things, but hopefully Smackdown stuff will be heating up just when TOT stuff is cooling down so it will all work together.  We’ll see.

The other big planning thing in my life is my trip to South Dakota next week.  Yeah, you read that right: South Dakota.  See, AnniPotts is going to be teaching Kindergarten at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation this year, and she needs people to help her move.  So I’m going to go, along with our mother, and a young man to help with the heavy lifting.  The identity of this young man has yet to be determined.  It may be the Absentminded Prof, which would be good, and then it might be my own Johnnycakes, which would be even better!  Me, AnniPotts and Johnnycakes together on the same Road Trip = Total Road Trip Awesomeness and Serendipity.  Really.  However, we have to wait to see whether Johnnycakes hears back about the job he interviewed for last week, and if he gets it (which we really hope he does) how soon they want him to start.  So we’ll see about that too.

And in other news, I finally have my roommate back!  See, Johnsy’s been travelling an awful lot lately.  First she went to be with Dana while she was grieving the loss of a friend and stayed for two weeks.  Two weeks with no Johnsy is an awful long two weeks.  And then right when she came back was when I left for Chicago.  Two days later her uncle died, and she was gone again to be with her family in West Virginia.  And dang it!  I know that grieving is important, and people dieing trumps just about anything you can think of, but I miss my roommate!  Yesterday I came home for lunch to see Johnsy’s wheelchair parked by the front door, Johnsy’s stuff spread out all over the living room, and Johnsy herself fast asleep on the couch.  It was a beautiful sight!