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So the Big News in the over-a-week since I’ve blogged (and sorry about that) is that I got a car.  You may recall that I said I was going to a little while ago.  The big challenge since then has been the logistics of getting this car to me.  Dana, whom I was buying it from, lives in Steubenville, about four hours away, so that’s where the car was.  Various schemes were proposed, but none of them ever seemed to work out. And then the temporary tags that were on the car expired and it was one big mess.  Then Dana had to bring One (her boyfriend) back from a trip to DC, and stayed at our house Monday night.  It was a perfect opportunity!  We went down to the DMV Monday afternoon and did the transfer, I got plates, rode back to Steubie with her that evening, and drove my very own car back home to Dayton.  It was marvelous.

Earlier some people wanted to know what kind of car I’m getting, and I had to admit that I didn’t know.  It had four wheels, heat, and working turn signals, and that was good enough for me!  However, I am now able to inform you that I am the proud owner of a ‘97 Chrysler Concorde, a sort of silvery taupe in color.  I do not know what I will name it.  The color is not brown enough for Goldie, and not silvery enough for Silver Streak.  Dana says that she always described the color as platinum, which reminds me of 40s and 50s starlets with their platinum blond hair.  Only, while my car is very nice, it’s not really a starlet kind of car.  So we’ll have to see.  Maybe as the car and I get to know each other better something will come to me.

Here’s the funny thing – while I was on my way to Steubenville with Dana to get the car I got a call from K-San.  I did her wedding reception last year, and haven’t really talked to her much since.  She said that at that moment she was on the other side of Indianapolis heading towards Dayton on an impromptu trip to South Carolina with her husband.  Where was I, and what were the chances that we could get together?  I told her that I was on the other side of Columbus, and heading further away from her as she spoke. However, I did have a futon in my living room, if she and the husband would like to stay the night.  She accepted, so I quickly called Johnsy up and fixed things.  I didn’t get back with my new car until about 2:30am, but we got to have breakfast together the next morning and hang out a little before they headed on.  It was a funny visit.  She’s been to a few weddings since hers, and is starting to realize just how much work I did for her, the size of the gift that I gave her by making her wedding so beautiful.  Comparing this to how much she actually paid me for my work is causing a certain amount of guilt.  I told her that if it really bothered her, when and if she and the husband have kids she could make me a godmother.  I’ve always wanted to be a godmother.  (Heck, I’d even settle for Confirmation sponsor.)  I don’t know if she’ll really do that or not, but you never know.  I might get to be a godmother yet.

My Other Big News is that I went up to Chicago last weekend and didn’t dance at all.  (No, really.  Not one step.  I know – when was the last time I took a trip and didn’t dance, even if it was just forcing my beleaguered family to witness demonstrations of Solo Charleston steps?)  The inspiration for this unprecedented trip was my very own John John, who became a husband on Saturday. It makes me smile just thinking about it.  He and I were on the same traveling youth ministry team back in the day.  Almost all of the girls from that team made it for the wedding, and Paco, our guy team leader.  It was pretty awesome.  The best part was the reception.  The bride’s father owns a small neighborhood pub, which he threw open for the party.  It was a very small wedding, close friends and family only, so we all fit nicely.  He and his wife tended the bar, making sure our glasses were never empty.  At one point Paco looked down the bar at all four of us girls lined up there and commented that he’d like to have a picture of all of us doing shots.  I mentioned this to the other girls, who thought it was a great idea, especially after I told them I’d never done shots before.  So we did.  It was fun, though I was a little disappointed.  I thought doing shots would make me drunker than that.  Maybe I just didn’t do enough of them…