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So I was talking to KJ this weekend (so good to see her, btw) about life, the universe, and everything.  One of the topics we got on to was my plans for the future.  I’d always assumed that I would do both my BA and MA here at UD, then go off somewhere else (possibly Boston) for my Ph.D., and then teach wherever I could get hired.  It’s a good plan, but KJ kinda challenged me a little to think about other possibilities.  I’ve been growing and changing a lot in the last few years, and I love my life in Dayton, but sometimes I feel a little, well, cramped.  KJ thinks the answer to this is to go live somewhere else, get my MA somewhere besides UD.  I’ve been thinking a little about this, and the idea intrigues me.  But… where would I go?  There are so many possibilities for an MA, unlike the extremely few for a Ph.D.  They’re all so tempting!  Anyway, this has prompted me to create the very first ever official Curlygrrl’s Xanga Poll, a special feature where you, my dear readers, can tell me what you think I should do with my life!  Enjoy…

Where Should Bernadette Go To Get Her Masters?
St. Louis University – not as far away as DC or Boston, but far enough. And they have good dancing. Maybe Bernadette might decide that she’s a Blues dancer after all…
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