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So I’ve been sitting here trying to write a fun, silly family-vacation blog post, something that would communicate that it was a very good vacation, I love my crazy family, and I’m glad I went.  Unfortunately I’m back at work as I write this, my job is just as brain-numbing as it always is (note: not always a bad thing), and it’s a cold, gray day.  Since when is it this cold when it’s almost July?  Seriously.  So although my skin is a golden shade darker than it was when I left, my hair is at least three inches shorter (maybe more), and if I hold myself quietly for a moment I can still hear the waves that shushed outside my bedroom window all week, mostly I just feel cranky that it’s Monday and I’m back at work.  Yeah, I know.  Get over it.  Believe me, I’m trying.

So a little bit ago I was hauling a heavy load (cases of soda for meetings) into the building on our small hand truck.  I hit the back of my ankle, which hurt, but I ignored it.  Just now I looked down at my ankle and realized that I’m dripping blood where apparently my ankle got cut.  I’m going to go take care of that now…

Ok, I’m back.  Thank God for the Band-Aids in the supply cabinet.

It really was a good vacation.  We stayed at a different set of holiday cottages than we have the last however many years we’ve done this (ten years?  maybe?), which were much nicer than what we’d gotten used to.  For one thing, it was two cottages instead of one, which gave us the incredible luxury of space and the ability to not see family members all the time.  And then we were closer to the Lake than we had been before, close enough that we could see the water and hear the waves on the shore when the windows were open.  It was very peaceful.

Also, I learned how to play Guitar Hero.  Rosie, Boy-O and the Absent Minded Prof. brought the wii up with them.  It was pretty cool, and I caught on faster than I thought I would.  I’m still pretty bad, but I was very proud of my 84% completion rate (yes, I know I’m a dork).  Beyond the video games, we also all went to go see Kung Fu Panda together (and if you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for?  That movie is awesome, and there is no charge for the awesomeness.  Or the attractiveness.  Really.).  I love watching movies with my family.  We all laugh, and groan and make snarky comments.  It’s not just a movie, it’s a community event!  I kinda pity the people that have to share movie theaters with us.  But then, we only get together to watch a movie about twice a year, so I think we’re ok.

Oh, and I bought more roses.  It looks like I really will have my rose garden after all.  I would type in even more smileys, but I’ll spare you.  It’s enough to say that every once in a while I would go out to the deck where they were waiting for me to take them home and pet the leaves and smile down on them.  Roses.  Sigh.