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Yesterday I picked the very first little carrot out of my garden.  I didn’t mean to – it’s way too early for carrots.  But when I picked the last of the radishes I noticed that this one was growing way too close to its companion.  So I pulled it up, and there it was – the first carrot!  I had to take a picture of it before I washed it and ate it, just to remember the moment.  I have to say, I’m loving having a vegetable garden this year.  The peas are coming now too.  I haven’t even bothered cooking them, just popping them out of their pods and eating them right there.  They’re so sweet and fresh.

I have beautiful roses too.  They’re on the side of the porch, just poking their head around the corner.  If you go around to the side, however, they’re a riot of bright bloom.  The lilies are growing up next to them, with lots of buds that promise flowers next month.  They don’t have much of a scent, but they’re so lovely I don’t care.  Sometimes I sit on the side of the porch and just look down into them.  It makes me happy clear through.

So much is coming up.  The sunflowers at the side of the porch are bigger every time I look at them.  The dill on the other side of the herb garden is flourishing nicely.  Even the mint is coming up.  The white eyed susans are finally making an appearance, though I haven’t seen anything of the snapdragons I planted yet.  But give them time, give them time.  The lavender is blooming all over the place – I’ll have to post some pictures of that soon.  The herbs I planted from seedlings are starting to take off.  I’ve had to pinch back the basil once already, and take some of the parsley.  I think I’m going to have to expand the herb garden and the lavender bed to accommodate how much everything has been sprawling and spreading all over the place.  It’s a beautiful thing.