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I remember the last summer I worked full time at my job.  It seemed like the summer was full of long, lazy lunches (an hour is pretty long when you live five minutes away), and revelry in the evening.  That was the summer that I stayed home only two nights between July 4 and September 15.  So far this summer hasn’t been at all like that, though I don’t really want a replica of that summer, lovely as it was.  However, I have missed those lunches.  I still live close to work, but these days it seems like as soon as I get home, cook and eat lunch, and clean up after myself it’s time to head straight back.  There’s no time for sitting out on the porch swing, or even taking a small nap on the futon.  The lazy has been escaping me.

Today, though, I could almost feel it.  I got home, ate while reading my book (a totally frivolous Georgette Heyer romance), and had a sugar free Creamsicle for dessert.  As I finished, I looked at the clock.  I still had ten whole minutes before I had to leave.  It felt like luxury.  I stretched a little, wandered around the downstairs for a few minutes thinking about what to do with this unexpected free time, and ended up going outside to water the plants.  The noon sun was hot on my bare arms.  The earth around my plants sucked up the water eagerly.  I admired my seedlings – the sunflowers just starting to assert themselves by the side of the front porch, the hundreds of little zinnias eagerly poking up in front of the cosmos, and perhaps the merest hint of dill finally coming up on the other side of the herb garden.  The zinnias I planted in between the dahlias haven’t come up yet, which is worrying me a little, but I think that’s because they haven’t gotten enough water.  I haven’t seen a hint of my dwarf snapdragons or white-eyed susan either.  But there’s plenty of time for that.  After I was done watering I grabbed the kitchen scissors and clipped a few stalks of the sage blooms my herb garden surprised me with this year – tall spikes of little purple-blue blossoms- to take to work with me.  They’re in a green glass bottle on top of my overhead bin as I speak.  When I look up I can see them pointing towards the ceiling.

It’s a good feeling to feel rested.  I was so tired finishing up last week.  I couldn’t seem to get up in the morning, no matter how hard I tried.  I think there was a summer cold sapping my energy and exacerbating the ever-present carotidynia.  When that gets bad it feels like my throat is swelling shut, and it hurts to swallow anything.  The only remedy is rest, regular ingestion of pain-killers, and time.  Saturday I pretty much didn’t do anything at all.  I slept almost all day, finished a crochet project (the most adorable little turtle commissioned by Lady E), read some books.  I watched In & Out while I was crocheting, but it didn’t amuse me as much as it used to.  Still, it was good enough to pass the time.  And then I was tired again, and went back to bed.  It was a pretty good day.  Sunday I didn’t do all that much either.  We had my dad’s birthday/Father’s Day celebration.  For his birthday I’m giving him a bound copy of all my major papers (it’s what he asked for).  After that I went straight off to practice session at La Diva’s.  After that was Mass, stopping off at Meijer’s for an F crochet hook and the above mentioned Creamsicles, and then home to eat dinner and read until I fell asleep.

And then this morning I actually woke up on time. 

All that indolence comes at a price, of course.  The grass is getting a little long, so I think I’d better cut it tonight, before the thunderstorms move in.  The house needs cleaning, and I haven’t done the stuff I usually do to help the work week go easier (packing up breakfasts ahead of time, bake bread, and, um, do laundry).  So I think tonight will be a pretty busy night.  But I’m ok with that.