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So it seems that Johnsy is leaving this afternoon for Colorado, where she will be visiting some friends for the next week.  She found this out last night around 10pm.  She had been planning to go visit her friends there sometime this summer, but we thought it wouldn’t be until later in June.  But there was this use it or lose it free ticket, so this morning she was up early packing her bags.

I was not up early.  In fact, I woke up five minutes after I was supposed to be at work.  Sigh.  It was frustrating because I’d done everything I could to wake up on time.  And I did, in fact, wake up on time.  I remember looking at the time and feeling relieved and satisfied that I was up in plenty of time to get ready and be on time to work.  That was the last thing I knew until suddenly I was waking up again, already five minutes late for work.  Yeah.  Thankfully I have a very nice boss, and I can make up the time by taking a shorter lunch.  But still, it’s frustrating.

It’s funny how I always complain about life getting boring right before things get interesting.  Sometimes very, very interesting (and not always in a good way!).  Yesterday I was remembering that the last time I took off classes and worked full time all summer, I also spent only two nights at home between July 4 and the beginning of September.  It was quite the summer.  I don’t think I have the energy (or the money) for that kind of social butterfly-ing this summer, but it reminded me that there was a reason I pursued fun so hard in my off hours.  Then I gave myself a little talking-to, saying that it’s ok to be bored sometimes, that boredom will not kill me, and that usually I only feel like this right before things get exciting.  And it looks like I may be at least a little right.  Today at work I had a meeting with one of our group leaders.  She wants me to be in charge of setting up part of their brand-swanky-new lab so they can impress the high powered types that will hopefully soon be touring it.  It’s a big job getting all that stuff together, requiring much internet surfing looking for bargains, perhaps some field trips doing ditto, and well, shopping.  A lot of shopping.  All while someone pays me to do it.  This summer might be not so boring after all.