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I wish it would rain already.  The weather flirted with rain all day yesterday, but it never followed through.  This morning when I woke up the air was thick and coolly damp (more flashbacks to Louisiana), just like before a storm.  The sky is overcast and grey.  It feels like rain.  And heaven knows we could use it.  Our rainwater barrel is totally dry, and I planted seven packets of seeds yesterday as part of my gardening marathon.  Now would be an ideal time for a downpour.  Still, this looks like another case of weather tease.  The forecast says we only have a 20% chance of rain.  It looks like we’ll be watering the garden tonight after all.  [Edit: Or maybe not!  Now it says we have “light drizzle.”]

I got so much gardening done yesterday.  It looks like most of those plans I drew while bored in class last winter are going to come true.  Yesterday I dug the extensions to the lavender bed (pictured above), planted hollyhock seeds on one side with the cosmo seedlings Johnsy started for me (which are already beginning to bloom!), and lots of zinnia seeds in front.  On the other side I planted some seeds for chinese forget-me-nots, the asters Johnsy also started for me, white-eyed susans (a vine with white, daisy-like flowers with black centers that will grow up over the wall), money-plant seeds that will bloom next year in between the asters, and dwarf snapdragon seeds on the end.  It will take about a month for everything to really get started, but when it does – look out!  There’s going to be riots of flowers along the side of the yard.  I can’t wait!

I also went to Isaac’s Memorial Service on Saturday.  It was packed.  They had it at Holy Angels, a practically cathedral sized church.  It was standing room only.  I’m glad I got there early and saved a pew for my friends.  Ironically, it was a whole pew of young, single women.  It went Duchess, me, Lady Godiva, her friend, the Kiddo, and Mariah.  It was an odd experience, sortof … unreal – like the person they kept talking about and the person I remember were two different people with the same name.  I kept trying to connect the service I was experiencing with my memory of the sarcastic snark-butt with the skeptical eyebrows, and it just didn’t connect.  Maybe part of it was that there was no casket.  I’m assuming that was because of how much he was able to give through organ donations.  But I’m such a materialist sometimes – I want something solid I can touch or see or… something.  Without that, it doesn’t feel real.