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So it seems that there are cute French boys working in the lab just down the hall from me.  How did I not know this?  They’ve been there for a little while now too.  And I didn’t have a clue until I had to track down the source of the mystery fax to France that showed up on our Phone Report this month.  I had been thinking cranky thoughts about The Guys From The Other Division that moved into our building a while ago and keep acting like we’re their front office too (they haven’t raided the office supplies cabinet yet, but we’ll be ready for them when they come).  Then my search led me to Secret Lair of the Cute Boys (aka the Carbon Something Lab), and heard a guy holler, “Hey, Frenchies, who made a fax!” as I stared into dark eyes fringed with the thickest lashes I think I’ve ever seen on anyone, male of female.  It was all there: the dark, tousled hair, the hint of worldly wit and charm in the way he pulled out his wallet, the fascinatingly sexy accent as he counted out the change.  Shoot.  He can make personal faxes from our fax machine any day!

I need more coffee.  Also more gas for my car, but that’s another story.

The day that grades were mailed I e-mailed Prof. Peat the link to the first and last time I quoted him on this blog.  I could tell when he got the e-mail because suddenly all these footprints showed up on my feedback log starting at the last entry and working their way backwards.  He didn’t comment on them directly, though he did post a comment on my blog saying, “that professor sounds like he should get a real job.”  He did like my paper, though, which was a relief.  I did so much of it at the last minute.  I know I do good work, but I’m always aware that it could be better!  If you’re interested in more Prof. Peat, you can check out his own blog here.

Two out of three of my professors are pushing me to submit my final papers for publication somewhere.  This is on top of the other papers that Prof. X and Dr. Cart were pushing me to send out a while ago. Well, and the poems that the Prof in the poetry class I took last year thought were professional and publishable.  Maybe this summer I’ll actually have the time to send some of that stuff out.  And then we’ll see what happens.

Also, a co-worker just forwarded this online quiz to me.  It’s about what to do if you’re caught in an earthquake.  Being so solidly Midwest, this isn’t something we think about much.  However, considering the way we got shaken up just a little while ago, it’s something worth learning about.  I’m feeling a little smug to learn that I did the approved thing with this last quake.