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People keep asking me what I’m planning to do with my summer break.  I say, “Breathe,” but I know that isn’t a real answer.  To tell the truth, I’ve been hesitant to make plans, or at least to speak those plans out loud.  Once you start making lists, they start looking like To Do lists, and then it’s pressure instead of relaxation.  Mostly I need to rest this summer, recuperate somehow.  I only have a year or so left of my undergraduate.  I need to summon the energy from somewhere to push through and finish this thing.  I know I’ll do much better in grad school.  The way the classes work is what comes naturally to me.  No more of these “daily reflection papers” that make me want to gag.    But I still have a long way to go until I get there, so… rest while I can.

What else do I want to do this summer?  Have fun.  Go to the drive in at least once.  Go swimming.  Plant rose bushes (my parents bought me the rose I’ve been longing for as my birthday present ).  Drink tea out on the porch swing looking down the long arcade of porches.  Have parties with all of my friends talking and laughing in the evening air.  Maybe have a tea party with my Grandmother’s china.  We’ll see.

It’s going to be a good summer.