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I am a girl, and I have jammed.  It was a fabulous Girl Jam

Sorry.  I just couldn’t resist that.  Though some of the blame goes to Mai who would randomly holler “Girl Jam!” at odd moments throughout the weekend.  Seriously, though, I had a grand time.  I don’t think I’ve ever sweated through quite so many shirts.  Though I think this was the first time I’ve gone to a dancing weekend in warmer weather.  Thinking back, it seems like every other Lindy Exchange/whatever I’ve gone to has been Fall or Winter.  I’m starting to get the hang of packing for dancing weekends.  You pack as many pairs of socks as you think you’ll need, and then you throw three more into the bag.

There was so much to love about this past weekend.  Finally getting to learn a little Solo Blues, the killer Charleston routine, backwards swivels (and swivels of every other kind – I did so many swivels this weekend.  I can’t tell you how many, but my thigh muscles could testify…), belly dancing, and all the many, many fabulous leads there.  Plus, I had the enormous good fortune to be there with both Mai and Lady G, who made the weekend fabulous in every way.  I will never think of Enya the same way again.  And Carol Channing is a goddess.  It’s true.

Now I’m back to my regularly scheduled life, and I thought I might mention that this is Exam Week.  I’m feeling remarkably stress-free about it at the moment.  I have three papers (two easy, one hard) to do, all of which are due at the end of the week, so I have lots of time to do them in, and one test.  I’m feeling all relaxed and full of endorphins from dancing.  Plus, on facebook today I found that someone took a picture of me dancing that I actually like.  To begin with, people don’t take pictures of me very often, and then I usually hate the ones that they do take.  But this one I like.  I look happy and fairly cute.  The guy dancing with me looks like he’s enjoying himself too.  Plus, it looks like I’m dancing, and dancing well.  It’s a good picture.

I think I might get to make myself a whole salad of the lettuces from my garden for dinner tonight.