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Today I’m feeling cranky.  Why?  No good reason.  Because I’m tired, because I’m stressed, because I have so much to do before tomorrow that even if I stay up all night I won’t get it all done (and we all know I won’t be able to stay up all night), because people keep coming up with more things that I should do, and all of them have time sensitive stamps on them.  Because today was the last day of Prof. Peat’s philosophy class.  Because I have to cut the grass.  Because one of the kites I have stashed in the trunk of my car has mildew on it (my trunk has weather stripping issues).  Because Wal-Mart has been completely out of the yarn I need the last ten times I’ve checked.  Because … just because.  It’s a beautiful day outside, I’m wearing shorts for the first time this year, school is almost over, I’m getting paid on Friday, and my sweet peas finally came up, but so far that isn’t making any difference.  I’m still cranky.

Sigh.  Hopefully dancing will help.  It usually does.  I go in feeling irritated at the world, and I leave tired and happy, enjoying life again.  Hopefully that will work for me again tonight.  I’m not a fan of chronic crankiness.

Prof. Peat Quote Book (the last one ):
“It’s a philosophy salad bar: Kant croûtons, iceberg Nietzsche…”
“I got in an argument the other day about whether Jesus would have ever called anybody a Nazi.”