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Yup.  It’s Monday.  This inescapable reality is only accentuated by the fact that I was at the library with Johnsy until four o’clock this morning.  She was doing the last corrections to her thesis, which had to be turned in to and approved by her adviser today or else she’d have to wait another semester to graduate.  I was her way home, and she didn’t have her cell phone with her to call me, so I had to stay until she was done.  I was trying to work on my philosophy paper, but after about 2am my brain shut down and I started reading random science fiction books just to stay awake (thank God for UD’s SFWA collection!).  I was home and in bed about 4:30, and then I had to be up again at 8:30 to make a 9:00 appointment.  Not that “up” really meant much at that point.  I mostly emerged from bed, got dressed in something other than pj’s (if my garments resembled anything like a coordinated outfit it was entirely coincidental), and stumbled towards the door.  God bless Johnsy, who made coffee and stuck a travel mug of it in my hand as I went out.  Without that, I dread to think what the morning would have been like.  Sigh.

More fun with MDoS yesterday.  I hadn’t heard from him all weekend, and then he called while I was waiting for a table at Dewey’s with swing friends after practice session.  We’d been having fun helping Diva with her psych grad-school homework by taking intelligence tests.  I was impressing people with my immediate recognition of such words as “nictitate,” “friable,” and “homunculus.”  They did have one word I’d never heard of before: pococurante, a word from the Italian meaning indifferent or not caring.  That impressed me.  Anyway, MDoS called in the midst of this fun.  He had just finished a hard day’s mathematical research and was interested in hanging out.  What was I up to?  I told him where I was, and he decided to come down and join me.  He got there too late to eat with us, but we went to the 8pm UD Mass together.  Mass with MDoS is funny.  He has a strong voice, which is nice because it gives me something to harmonize against.  Unfortunately, he took my first harmonization as a personal challenge, turning every song into a competition for who would get the harmonization in first and who would be stuck singing the melody.  I actually don’t mind holding the melody firm for someone’s harmonizing, so this did not bother me much, but he seemed to enjoy the contest.  Afterwards I had been going to make him eggs and toast (home made bread, friends, home made), but he decided to go hang out with Indy at the ‘rents instead.  I didn’t mind, since this gave me a chance to call 14.  So it was all good.

In other news, my garden is coming along swimmingly.  Even the sweet peas and carrots have come up.  One of the things about planting radishes and lettuce is that you have to plant more seeds than you really have room to grow.  This means that the little sprouts have to be thinned after they’ve grown a couple of leaves.  What’s cool is that these little sprouts are entirely edible, giving you a handful of small, tender, flavorful leaves for your eating pleasure.  There’s not enough to really make a salad, but I’ve been enjoying my own version of watercress sandwiches: thin sliced bread, a little cream cheese, and the washed baby lettuce leaves sprinkled with just a little coarse salt.  Mmmmm….

On the not so thrilling side of things, yesterday I tried to wear shorts for the first time this year.  At first it seemed like it would work, but first I had to add a sweatshirt, then thick wool socks.  Finally I caved in and swapped the shorts out for jeans.  Sigh.

I’m going to Girl Jam!

Prof. Peat Quote Book (the penultimate edition):
(Re: another professor) “The only memory he hasn’t repressed is when one of his honors students called him a weenie, which he’s still talking about seven years later.”
(Re: his book, which is being released this summer)  “It has a lovely bilious green cover.  I was hoping for phlegm and I got bile.”
“You’re in good company.  You could get a tattoo: sleazy as Frege.”