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So a while ago the local newspaper sent a team out to cover our regular monthly dance.  I knew they were taking pictures, but I had no idea they were filming so much too!  The article won’t be out until Monday, but I just saw the video posted on the newspaper’s website.  There’s more of me in it than I ever expected.  I will say that my favorite part is seeing my bright yellow rain boots and coat draped over the couch looking like a still life in front of the mirror where you can see Sport dancing.  You can also see two of my students doing not-half-bad Lindy Hop, which they had just learned.  It’s a fun video, and you can watch it here.  Enjoy!

On the subject of agreeable surprises, last night MDoS showed up at Theology On Tap.  It was startling, particularly since the last I’d known, he was still comfortably ensconced in Texas with Super T.  I was sitting in the back passing notes with AnniPotts when I looked over, and there at the little table by the door was a familiar tall, dark-haired figure.  It took me a moment to convince myself that yes, this really was MDoS, and then I poked AnniPotts and whispered, “Look over there!” The dawning realization and surprise on her face was priceless!  Afterwards we collected Indy, and MDoS took us all out to Friday’s in the Mustang the car rental company had supplied him with.  That car was a lot of fun.  It made the best revving-engine-noises ever.  Even when MDoS was going slow (all ten seconds), it sounded like it was going fast.  Awesome.

I ended up visiting my doctor again yesterday, for the third time in less than a month.  I don’t know what I have, but I can’t seem to kick it.  First there was the antibiotics for a sinus infection, then sulfa drugs when the antibiotics didn’t work.  Those seemed to clear things up most of the way, but a couple of days after I finished them I started having really, really bad headaches.  Plus my glands were so swollen they made my throat hurt.  The doctor says he doesn’t think it’s my glands that are swollen. He thinks I have carotidynia, a rare condition where the lining that surrounds the carotid arteries becomes swollen, often seen along with chronic post-nasal drip.  The upshot is that I’m now on the super kill-everything antibiotics plus pain killer/muscle relaxant stuff.  Hopefully this will take care of things now?  I’m really, really tired of being sick.

And still on the subject of surprises – how about that earthquake last night?  It startled me awake, and I sat up in bed.  My main memory is watching my bedroom door open slightly and shut again quickly several times in succession as it shook.  I was so out of it I thought it might be some weird atmospheric pressure/wind thing from having my window open to let in the fresh spring air.  The trembling stopped, I blinked a couple of times, and then I was back asleep.  This morning I had to do a news search to see what had really happened.  It was such a surreal thing.

Prof. Peat Quote Book:
“Just because you’re good at logic doesn’t make you a good human being.  And vice versa, vice versa being an important logical relationship.”
Student: “Well, what about Dewey?” Prof. Peat: “Aw, f— Dewey!  Wait, that sounded dismissive.  Well, it was, but it wasn’t dismissive of your question, it was dismissive of Dewey.”
“We’ll put the sensitive, artistic types over here – which is another way to say fruitcake.”