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Johnsy defended her Master’s thesis this morning.  She said that it went well.  I wasn’t there, which stinks more than I can say.  I wanted to be.  I planned to be.  It was at nine o’clock, and I woke up just in time to throw my clothes on and make it down to campus.  Well, I could have if I were driving, and if I could park on campus like I usually do.  Problem is, you can’t park on campus if your roommate has taken the parking pass from your car.  Johnsy needed it so that she and Dana (her friend who’s visiting for a few days) could deliver all her stuff for the presentation.  As soon as I saw the note they left for me I realized that this made sense.  Of course they would need it.  Unfortunately, by that time I couldn’t possibly drive to school, park off campus, and walk across campus to the science center where the thesis defense was going to happen and make it anywhere near on time.  I weighed the benefits of being there for Johnsy over barging in in the middle of her presentation, possibly causing a ruckus which could leave a bad impression on her panel.  In the end I had to choose discretion over valor.  But still.  It sucks.  I wanted to be there.

Sigh.  I’ll get over it.  I just hope she will too.

I got a very interesting message from my little brother the other day.  His Newman Club at OU is having their Spring formal in a few weeks.  They’re interested in swing dancing, so he asked if I’d be willing to come teach them.  I said that I’d be happy to do it, only I couldn’t afford the gas, and it might be easier for them to ask someone from the quite nice swing club they already have there on campus.  It seems that they’d rather have me, to the point of being willing to pay for my gas and put me up for the night.  So it looks like I’m going to be taking a little road trip to OU in May to teach a swing dancing lesson, possibly DJ a little, and hang out with my little brother (who’s actually about a foot taller than me…).  The extra cool part is that AnniPotts is going with me, since OU is her alma mater, and she’d like to see some friends there.  My main challenge right now is finding someone to help me teach.  I can teach both parts, but I need someone to help me demonstrate the moves.  I’ve seen the pros teach classes by themselves, but usually even they grab someone who knows what they’re doing out of the class to assist them.  I could maybe teach AnniPotts the basics, but she’s never really danced before.  Plus, people tend to want to swing dance a lot more when they see a guy and a girl dancing with each other.  Two girls dancing together may be very interesting to certain people, but it tends to lack whatever it is that inspires emulation.  I’m not sure what I’ll do about this.  Maybe I’ll see if I can persuade one of the guys from Dayton to go with me (not likely, since the lesson will be on a week night and most guys would have to work the next day).  I do know a few of the guys who at least used to be part of the Athens swing club.  Maybe I can get one of them to help me.  We’ll see.

Prof. Peat Quote Book:
“Do you see that on the wall in the bathrooms at [local bar]?  For a good time, take Peat’s philosophy of the 19th century class?”
“Unfortunately, most of it was done by insane Germans. I know, some of you think those terms are redundant.”
“Happy birthday, Benny the 16th!  Rock on, dude!  And in his honor, let us discuss Nietzsche.”

Student: “Well, that whole thing with the überme… überma…” Prof. Peat: “Let’s just call him Clark Kent.”
“Sorry, that was a smart ass response, but you must be used to it by now.”