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It seems like my doctor’s treatment is working.  I’m not as recovered as I’d like to be, but I’m getting there.  Saturday I took the swing kids to the monthly dance, and was able to dance almost as much as I wanted.  At one point I somehow ended up teaching an extended solo-Charleston lesson to some new dancers.  I’m still not sure how that happened.  I think I was showing Pierce and Mai’s friend something, and then this other girl started hovering on the edges trying to imitate what we were doing, and then her friends came over, and they kept asking me to teach them another move.  We went through the Charleston basic, turns, fall off the log, Susie-Q’s, scarecrow, kick-overs (both with and without the repeat), boogie backs, Shorty George, boogie forwards (at which point I discovered that my main pupil was a belly dancer, which made her boogie forwards very cool  Her: “It’s like doing that figure 8 thing with your hips!” Me: “Well, that’s not standard, but if you can do it I can guarantee there will be someone watching.”), and maybe some other moves – I don’t remember anymore.

It was fun, though it did eat up a big chunk of the dance.  It’s also rather ironic – I’ve worked on my solo Charleston at different points, but I’ve never been super serious about it.  The serious one was always Baker, who actually looked cool doing the moves (rather than spastic, like, um, me), who could do the crazy moves that my body just couldn’t seem to figure out.  At Boston I took a solo jazz class taught by Carla Heiney.  75% of it went directly (whoosh!) over my head.  Baker would have eaten it up and asked for more.  So it’s very, very funny for me to be teaching this stuff when I don’t think anybody should really be trying to imitate me!

In other news, the seeds have sprouted in my vegetable garden!  They’re so little and green and (so help me) cute!  I’m very excited (and relieved to see them).  I planted them right before Easter, but they didn’t get watered super regularly.  The seed packets said that they should have germinated (sent up sprouts) a week ago.  I was all discouraged, sure that I’d killed my vegetable garden before it had a chance to grow, and was trying to figure out when I could reseed.  And then…. green!  Little, tiny green leaves poking their way through the soil.  I was so happy.  Sometimes I go out into the back yard just to look at them.  And soon they’ll be big enough that I can eat them!  Hurrah!

Prof. Peat Quote Book:
“Gravity – it’s so bourgeois.”
“Of course, there is the possibility that it’s true, which is sometimes a defense.”
“I mostly blame Christ for all of that.”