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So last week I started to get sick.  I thought that for once I’d be good and go see the doctor right away.  Usually I try to ignore it, push through, pretend that it’s just worse than usual allergies.  Sometimes that works, at least for a little while.  Then it backfires in a big way, I get so sick I pretty much collapse, and I have to drag myself to my Hero Doctor who makes me better.  So I took a shortcut.  I went to see my doctor right away, who diagnosed a sinus infection.  He put me on antibiotics and decongestants.  And for a while it worked.

Then it didn’t.  Monday afternoon I started feeling awful.  I figured it was just post-Lindy Exchange exhaustion, but that didn’t explain the sore throat that got worse and worse as the day continued.  And then there were the headaches, the excess mucous, all those lovely things that shouldn’t be happening when you’re already on antibiotics.  It was a little scary.  Tuesday I pretty much didn’t get out of bed, and was so out of I didn’t really notice.

On Wednesday I went to the doctor again.  He prescribed sulfa drugs to boost the antibiotics (which was very retro of him – Bounce: “If they try to bleed you, call me.”) and even more varieties of decongestants.  I came home and slept until it was time to go get my parents’ van and take the swing kids out to dancing.  I taught Swing I, danced maybe a grand total of three dances, went home early, and pretty much fell over into bed.  This morning I got up and felt almost normal.  Well, the fact that I actually got up was pretty cool.  I made tea, got dressed, and then, like a cell phone battery suddenly giving out, I was done.  I was sitting on the couch about to put on my socks when I hit the wall.  I just sat there for something like five minutes, my socks draped on my leg, looking at the carpet and thinking about how warm my feet would be if I ever got up the energy to put my socks on.  Yeah.  After I finally got them on I took Johnsy to school, came home, collapsed on the couch and slept until four o’clock.

The good news is that I really am starting to get better.  This evening I went to my CL Leadership Team meeting, and made it through basically in one piece.  It used up everything I had at the time, so I wasn’t able to stay for Theology On Tap.  But after a couple of hours on the couch (and after watching the first two Veronica Mars episodes with Johnsy, courtesy of The Other One) I’m feeling well enough to maybe actually (gasp!) do some homework.  Who knows?  Stranger things have happened!