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Yeah, so I know that I just blogged yesterday, but I’m at work and I’m bored, and I have new Prof. Peat quotes for the first time since Spring Break cut me off from the source of the snark.  (Please try to control your enthusiasm – bouquets of roses delivered to my house are acceptable, but only if I was the one who told you where I live.)

I’m so antsy this afternoon.  I want to be in Boston.  I want to be in Boston now.  However, the thought of all the things I have to get done in the 24 hours until my flight is making me hyperventilate a little.  Couldn’t we do that movie trick where we show a montage of clips of me doing things like washing clothes, printing name tags for the first Theology On Tap of the season tomorrow, packing an overstuffed bag, giving the UD Swing Club kids a ride to dancing, teaching Swing I, then typing furiously away at homework with a close-up shot of the clock showing some ungodly hour of the morning, all while some suitably perky and/or witty song plays?  And then it would all dissolve to a shot of me standing in the Columbus airport about to board the plane looking somewhat flustered in a cute sort of way.  Then I’d be in my seat, sighing in relief that I made it, as some scruffily-cute in a geeky sort of way guy sits down next to me.  There’s a scapular peeking out from behind his shirt collar, a shoe box labeled Arris Allen under his arm, and no rings on any of his fingers.  Sigh.  Too bad I don’t make movies anymore.

Prof. Peat Quote Book:
“You can correct me.  If you dare.”
“The Danish are traditionally known for their humor.”
“See, if there were a righteous, just God, the pens would work.”