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I’ve been listening to the Hairspray soundtrack a lot lately, and you know, I think I may have been born to play the role of Tracy Turnblad.  I mean, I can dance.  I can Pony Step and Mash Potato and Twist with the best of them (or at least the not-so-horrible of them).  And belting out show tunes?  Shoot, that’s what Bernadettes do best!  Plus, you know, I can do cute like no other, and I’ve got the requisite big, enthusiastic smile.  You know it would be so much fun.  Sigh.  Maybe one of these years UD will decide to do Hairspray for their end-of-the-year big production, and somehow don’t pre-cast the main character.  I’ll audition, and although I’ve never had anything to do with UD theater productions, I get the part.  And I’m marvelous (well, of course).  Of course, it would help if the guy who plays Link isn’t approximately 12 (which is how all the guys in my classes look to me).  But, you know, you can’t have everything.

So on the subject of having a good smile, there’s this older black gentleman who’s been taking the Swing I class I’m teaching this month.  He’s a big, big flirt, and he thinks I and my smile (and, um, my other assets) are pretty cute.  It makes me laugh, so I don’t mind.  The class this month is kinda struggling, so I try to be as encouraging as I can.  Last night he was talking to SD on his way out the door when I went over to say good-bye and give him his final dose of encouragement.  “So you’re hooked?” I asked, “You’re going to keep coming back?”  “Oh, yeah!” he said, “In fact I think I might be interested in…” (he starts rubbing my shoulder, “private lessons.”  I choke back a laugh and look innocent as I say, “Oh, I don’t know if I’m certified for that.”  “You have to be certified?”  (More innocent looks from me.)  “Yeah, I’d have to talk to my supervisor  about it,” I said, looking across at SD, who is leaning on the counter and laughing.  He picks up on the look, “Oh, is this your supervisor?”  Then he starts rubbing SD’s shoulder too, and none of us can hold the laughter back anymore.  It was classic.