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Yes, I know that today is also St. Patrick’s day.  And I am a quarter Irish (Hi, Great Grandpa Mahoney!).  However, I’m feeling a little anti-St. Patrick’s day this year, at least anti-the way we celebrate it in America.  On Saturday Johnsy and I tried to go to Confession down at St. Joseph’s.  They have Confession half an hour before noon Mass.  We planned to be there extra early so we could be sure get in before the time ran out (sometimes if the line is extra long the people at the end are out of luck).  As we drove past the parking lot on the way to the handicapped parking we noticed that there were tons of cars parked all over the place.  At first we thought it must be a special St. Joseph’s Feast Day Mass (since, you know, the parish is named after that guy), but no.  When we got inside, there were green sweaters, green sweatshirts, green everything all over the place.  You could barely take a step without bumping into a little old lady with green tinsel in her hair.  Johnsy picked up a bulletin on her way in.  It was printed on green paper.  The last straw was when the choir started to sing, “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.” Friends, that’s not a hymn.  It doesn’t even mention God.  It’s a song about an Irish guy trying to chat up a girl.  Sure, it mentions angels, but that’s just the way Irish guys talk when they’re trying to get in your pants!  It was just too much.  Thankfully, about that time the word came back down the line that Father wasn’t hearing confessions today, and we were able to escape.

The fun part was that Saturday was apparently Catholic Young Adult Confession day at St. Joe’s.  When Johnsy and I joined the end of the line, The Other One was there to meet us, and then who should show up but another young man I know from Theology On Tap.  So we had our own little mini-party at the end of the line for a little while.  I tried to convince The Other One that since he would have another opportunity to go to Confession that night, he should yield his place in line to me.  For some reason he didn’t quite buy my reasoning…

The other fun thing on Saturday is that AnniPotts came over to dinner.  I haven’t gotten to see her much since she got back from Kenya.  I missed her a lot while she was gone.  I wrote some letters, but I lost one of them before I could get around to sending it.  I had already applied the special, overseas postage too, so if I ever find that letter, it’ll have about $1.50 worth of stamps on it.  Anyway, Saturday afternoon I picked AnniPotts up from the family Homestead, collected Johnsy from school, and headed off to St. Helen’s where we all successfully went to Confession.  Then we headed home where I cooked dinner.  After dinner I showed off the house a little (AnniPotts had never seen where I live), and then we talked.  There was some idea of maybe playing Uno or a board game or something, but we just never seemed to get around to that.  It was really good just to sit with my sister, hear about her adventures, and share a little of the adventures I’ve been having the last several months.  I’m so glad she’s home for a while.

Yesterday was a pretty good day to.  I finally made it to Practice Session for the first time in a long while.  It’s harder to get motivated to go when it’s not at the dance studio.  Last week, though, I was fully intending to be there.  Then Johnsy came home early from her weekend retreat, we started talking about things, including stuff around the house, which turned into doing stuff around the house, and then it was six o’clock and practice session was over.  This week the same thing almost happened, (not the Johnsy coming home part, but the doing things around the house part), but fortunately I was able to snap out of it in time.  I went out to dinner afterwards too.  It’s been a while for that as well.  I just can’t afford to eat out that much anymore.  It was a lot of fun.  The point where it turned into Baker, Long John, and Linus making shadow puppets on the wall … it was wonderful.  I wish I could do this more often.  If only that stupid financial aid check would come through…