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Johnsy planted my flower seeds yesterday.  She says that if they all make it, I’ll have eighteen seedlings each of cosmos and asters.  This is way more than any garden needs.  So, if anyone is interested, I might be giving away some seedlings in a month or so.  Let me know.  There might be other seedlings available as well.  The other day I remembered that I could have her start basil, parsley, and rosemary seedlings too.  I’m so used to making the annual pilgrimage to the plant store that I didn’t think of it before.  So far Johnsy can’t seem to resist the potential of having a whole packet of hundreds of seeds at her disposal, so we could end up with lots and lots of seedlings to plant.

I hope this snow melts quickly.  The way the weather forecast looks, it should be gone soon.  Sigh.  I was so excited about spring coming, and then we get dumped on.  Next week is my Spring break. I want to plant sweet peas, lettuce, and radishes.  We were gifted a packet of regular peas, so I think I’m going to try to get those planted too.  Plus, I found a place that’s selling lily of the valley pips and dahlia tubers for not too much.  I won’t be able to plant those for a little while, but I’m excited just to have them.  Pretty soon it will be time to plant the sunflowers on the side of the front porch too.  I’m all excited about that.  I have some medium size, and some giant sunflowers that will hopefully grow all the way up past the gutters.  Just thinking about it makes me smile.

Prof. Peat Quote Book:
“You shouldn’t blame Jesus for what has been done in his or her name.”
“Fair!  So bourgeois!”