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So there’s a possibility that I might get to go to Australia this summer to see my favorite German Shepherd.  And no, I don’t mean Gilda Marie, the psychotic dog who loved me.  I mean Benedict XVI, our Main Man in Rome.  It seems that there is a certain organization sending a delegation which has acquired a sponsor eager to pay all expenses for young adults to go to World Youth Day who otherwise could not dream of going.  As far as I can tell they’ll pay for everything, and in exchange you help work their booth promoting vocations.  As soon as I heard of it I sent back an e-mail saying essentially, “Oh, me!  Pick me!  Pick me!”  They say they want to meet with me, and then… we’ll see what happens.

This is the part that I think is funny: as soon as the possibility of really, really going to Australia began to sink in, I immediately thought, “I wonder if I could go swing dancing there?”  At first I wasn’t sure if they swing dance in Australia, and then I thought that there has to be swing dancing.  After all, that’s where Sharon Davies is from, right?  So there must be some sort of swing dancing community.  I decided to google it, except I had no clue where World Youth Day was actually going to be, besides somewhere in Australia.  And, you know, Australia is rather a big place.  So first I had to google that.  It seems that it is going to be in Sidney, where there is indeed a swing dancing community, with an online calendar and forum and everything.  So it looks like, if I can actually make it there, my chances of doing a little Lindy Hop down under are rather good.

Here’s the other funny thing – the acronym for the organization I’d be going with is SPORCH.  Which, if you squint at it a little, is like SPORK.  Which is a lot like The Tick’s battle cry of, “SPOON!” I find this endlessly amusing.  Johnsy says that we should pass out metal sporks engraved with vocations information, and then people would remember us.  I pointed out that all of the meals provided to us at World Youth Day will come with their own sporks as it is, so perhaps extra ones won’t be so memorable.  And then, it seems that, since this is an organization promoting religious vocations, most of the other young adults on the trip will be guys discerning vocations to the priesthood.  Considering my strict (sortof) no-dating-wannabe-priests policy (and what does it say about my life that I have to have such a policy?), this is more proof that God has a seriously twisted sense of humor.  Fortunately, so do I.