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I am so done with February, and here we have an extra day of it.  Couldn’t we have scheduled this for another year, one of the ones when February seems to fly by?  Sigh.

Johnsy is off on a guided retreat this weekend, so I’ll have the house all to myself, along with the awesome responsibility for feeding the fish and watering her seedlings.  She has an very nice set up in the basement with a grow light suspended over a table full of little soil-filled peat pots.  She’s starting green beans, peppers, tomatoes, and some flowers for me.  I don’t think anything has actually sprouted yet, though we live in hope.  We did have a pleasant surprise the other day. I was clearing away some of the rubble that had built up by the back door over the past few months.  Part of it was a decorative pot full of dirt that had been there for some time.  I had figured it was the abandoned home of some long-dead houseplant waiting to be stored in the garage.  However, when I pulled it out of the pile, there were three green, spiky sprouts sticking up out of the soil.  I showed it to Johnsy who said, “Oh, yeah, that’s the bulb planter someone gave me for a housewarming.” I encouraged the sprouts with a little water and stuck the pot in the sunshine on the kitchen window.  Hopefully one of these days it will encourage me back with some blooms.  In the meantime I just like watching it grow.

I have hopes for a quiet weekend.  I haven’t had one of those for a while.  There’s a lot of homework to catch up on, plus a paper to write for Missiology.  (Speaking of which, could we please stop watching movies about Jesuit missionaries being martyred in horrible ways?  Thanks.)  It also would be nice to, you know, do a little laundry and maybe bake bread.  There’s nothing like sitting in an otherwise silent house, listening to the distant swish and hum of clothes getting clean.  I think it’s even more relaxing than the sound of rain on the roof.  Plus, it’s supposed to get up to 50 on Sunday.  Maybe I’ll even sit out on the porch swing a little.  It could be a good thing.

Prof. Peat Quote Book (extra since it’s been a while):
“There are some logic books that talk about inductive arguments as valid.  We call those stupid books.”
Mill‘s really a Big Deal.  Doesn’t mean that I have to care, but you can.”
“I know – he’s Danish, so he’s supposed to be weird.”
(Re: posting to online political forums) “The death threats become a little tiresome, especially from someone who has that many very large guns.”